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Life Calls

19 Jun

It has been a crazy few months – a lot of new opportunities and responsibilities. I’m not complaining obviously but the only bad thing that has resulted from this would be my absence from this very blog. It is very, very much my fault!

Cross fingers I have found the right recipe in juggling this blog into my routine. Writing used to give me a sense of release at the end of a stressful day – guess I just need to find that balance again.

So what have I been up to?

Well, the good news is I’ve started a job as a PR & Social Media exec at a jewellery label here in London. In a million years I never thought I would ever work in PR, but this job has definitely been an interesting experience. Work is good, great actually!

On another note, I have also been attending summer school at the London College of Fashion in their Buying & Merchandising course. I’m juggling part-time studying with work – thoroughly absorbing as much as I can about the fashion industry. How did I get from a background in Mathematics to this, who knows? I’ve yet to give my mum an answer to that question – I’m the main cause of her headaches. Sorry mum!

“Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.” – David McCullough

Always a good quote to live by.

Just a few “outfit of the days” for when I attended my classes..

Top – Zara, Jacket – Zara, Jeans – J Brand 811, Shoes – Topshop, Bag – Balenciaga Part-time, Necklace – H&M

I am in love with this Zara Neon necklace! The closest I could get to a Tom Binns inspired!

Top – Topshop, Blazer – Mum’s, Necklace – Zara, Bag – Zara

 Edaburgh aka the classmate


Photo Friendly

17 Jun

I’ve tracked a habit – I’m constantly trying to lure you with pictures to make up for my absence in blogging. I have a funny way of saying sorry! Hope this act of luring will make up for it – that or the pictures themselves.

Just a series of a weekend “outfit of the day” when I met up with an old housemate/uni friend who came down to London for a visit! This was some time ago – I’ve been meaning to put this up!


We just had a lazy day at the Victoria & Albert Museum





Sleeveless top – H&M, Waterfall jacket – H&M, Blazer – Zara, Jeans – J Brand 901, Shoes – Topshop, Bag – Balenciaga Part-time
 Jewellery – ASOS spike bracelet, rose gold bracelet gift from mum, two friendship style bracelet handmade by me.


 and this is what the friend wore, I love the combo! I must say, he is quite the fashionista!


I took him to my fav cafe in Hampstead, about 5 mins from where I live.

Top – Warehouse, Jeans – J Brand 811, Jacket – Zara, Bag – Balenciaga Part-time, Shoes – Topshop, Rings – ASOS

Always good to catch up with an old friend!

It’s mid-June and I’m still having my boots and coats on standby! Only in the UK you get rain, sunshine and the cold all in one day! I find myself stuffing an umbrella, sunglasses, scarf and a jacket all in one bag before heading out – I need a bigger bag!

Zara Me Good

28 Sep

Without a doubt Zara takes the 70% majority of my wardrobe kingdom. When I’m feeling like a new top/a new blouse/ a new pants, it is always this Spanish brand that I seem to step into. Even when I’m broke, I like going in there and smelling the new clothes I cant afford, especially when they just put up a new season’s collection. No I don’t physically smell the clothes, that’s just weird. But you get the gist!

I went into Zara a few times the last few weeks, and it is one of my favourites time of the year in there…new coats, new boots, new jumpers mmmm. Autumn/Winter is my favourite season of all time. Nothing says chic more like a woman in a good coat.

When I look at their items, I can see influences from Stella McCartney’s undefined, masculine-style coats, Celine’s simple clean lines for clothing and Jil Sander’s enthusiasm for bringing bright colours to a dark fall outfit. All that inspiration but none of the burden on your bank account.

Here is my wishlist from Zara for a/w 11;

1. Coats & Blazers

2. Trousers

3. Jumpers

4. Shoes

5. Tops/Blouses

6. Bags


(images source: Zara.com)

Everything that I could do with, if only I had extra money lying around. So what are your Zara picks?

*this is not a sponsored post

Do It For Less #1

13 May

Box Bag

This is a new and exciting series I’ve come up with. So every now and then I’d try and feature a trend that you could do it for less, or at least lesser than luxury brands!

For the first of the series, I’ll share my love and passion for this box bag trend. Essentially I think it’s a late 60s-early 70s trend brought back to life, much like most of the other trends we have. I still remember my mum used to rock her box bags everywhere when I was younger.

My bag crush for this trend has got to be the Celine box/flap bag, it is so timeless and chic. It does remind me of the Hermes Constance bag which is considered as vintage. I think both bags are gorgeous and the best part of it all, they embrace colours!

source: Céline
source: upscalehype.com
source: Céline

Now, if you’re like me, love to have a variety of bags for different outfits but sadly broke 😦 then maybe you could take the style of bag as inspiration and find a cheaper alternative. That way, you could probably buy 2/3 bags instead of just splurging on one designer bag. But of course, if you’re lusting over the Celine bag as much as I have, and you have the bank account for it, by all means buy it….and maybe you’re generous enough to buy me one too 🙂 my birthday is everyday hehe.

source: theblondesalad.com

The beautiful Hermes Constance

I’ve found a few bags that are about the same style if not similar, at a lesser price point. Some of the bags still oozes the vintage 60s/70s look, but would probably be of different shapes and sizes.

Here are some choices if you want to do this trend for less;

1. Zara

(images source: zara.com)


(images source: asos.com)

3. Miss Selfridge

(images source: missselfridge.com)

There are probably more bags out there but I’ve only managed to select these few just to give you an idea where they could potentially be. Another good idea is to “thrift” it, that means you should go to your nearest vintage/thrift store and most probably you’ll find these type of bags flooding the store.

My favourite place to find these type of bags would be none other than my mum’s closet. Yes, I’ve fully raided her closet and found myself 3 bags that were of this particular style, thank god she takes care of her bags so they did not look worn out at all! I’ve happily added it to my collection of bags. So raid your mum’s closet today, she’d be more than happy to learn you appreciate her sense of style back when she was rocking big hair and big shoulder pads 🙂

Something to try: Tuck the straps into the bag and make it into a chic clutch bag!

source: Céline

p/s: ASOS is still having a FREE worldwide delivery. I’m sensing this will be permanent? Check how I rated my ASOS purchase here.

Have a good weekend!