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Glossybox Jan ’12

30 Jan

The much anticipated box from Glossybox is finally here! All of the subscribers have waited a few extra weeks for what they called as a “surprise” box. It was notified in Dec that the January box will be late as the Glossybox team will be putting extra effort in this exclusive limited edition box.

I was very impressed with their limited edition Dec box, and I was glad that I signed up just in time to get that box. So when it was announced that the January box would also be a limited edition box, I immediately had high hopes for it.

First looks into the January box, which was themed around Valentine’s Day…

My verdict: This box fell flat for me, it did not excite me at all. If the promise of a great box wasn’t there this would have probably been a sufficient enough box for me to like. However, because there was so much hype around this particular box and the long wait that comes with it, Glossybox did not deliver as much as I would have hoped.

I was that eager to find out what was in this January box that I googled other blogs to see if other bloggers might have received theirs beforehand. I found out that Gemma from Gemsmaquillage was one of the first to get a sneakpeek of this well anticipated box. She received Clarins moisturisers instead of the two Davines product (pictured above), and I was secretly hoping at the very least I would get that in my box since I’ve been dying to try Clarins skincare products! Knowing my luck, I didn’t!

I really think the “surprise” in this box was just this sweet with the Glossybox brand stamped on it. I am not impressed at all.

The only exciting this about this box is the fuschia pink coloured box. And if I’m more excited about the packaging than the products in it, that says alot about my enthusiasm for this month’s choices of products!

Hopefully Feb would be better!


Beauty In A Box

25 May

When I first found out about this ingenious idea from a US site called BirchBox, the first thing I did was finding out whether or not they have the same concept in Msia, by using none other than Google. But the search engine failed me, so I started googling UK and yet again to no avail. That was last year.

Alright, I’m a little ahead of myself here. A little intro, before I confuse you with my inside story…

BirchBox is a company that sends you a monthly box of high-end beauty products that you wouldn’t normally purchase/try. Ok maybe some might purchase or try it, but a majority wouldn’t just because it is either too expensive to be splurging your money on an item you might/might not like or you have never heard of the brand. For me, it is definitely a combination of both.

So this company will send you around probably 5-10 sample sizes of different products ranging from haircare, skincare, make-up etc. so that if you like it enough, you can purchase a full-size bottle on their site. All you need to do is subscribe to them for USD10 monthly and you will receive a beautifully packaged box monthly. Termination of the subscription is easy and with no questions asked. So you can stop and start whenever you feel like it.

That is not what makes it attractive. What makes it attractive is that the sample sizes are HUGE, or substantial enough for you to have a good few weeks worth, which is almost like owning a full-size bottle. Some of us are bored easily by the same product, well this option gives you the flexibility without exactly putting a whole in your pocket. I thought this is heaven for beauty-lovers like myself.

Ok now back to the story…

Just recently I learnt that UK has now jumped on that bandwagon with a company called GlossyBox.Instead of 5-10 samples, they mainly concentrated on 5 high-end beauty products to start off with. And already the first box (in the month of May) they started off with has NARS illuminator in it, with a 30ml tube. That is a huge amount that usually retails at about £20 the very least. Like the BirchBox, you only need to pay  £10 monthly to get this amazing box monthly. There are already a flood of videos about it from UK YouTube make-up gurus about this company. Even the packaging is worth your penny;

I just hope and pray that something like this would come to Malaysia soon, as it is a brilliant idea. But until then, I’ll most definitely look into subscribing to this GlossyBox once I’m back in the UK  🙂

If you’re in the UK or US for that matter, why not have your own beauty in a box monthly?