Monthly Favourites


I’ve written this before but it went missing after the computer crashes, as explained in my previous post. Anyways I will try and recapture what was initially written.

1. Naked Palette

This is my current and probably will be for a long time, a staple must-have. That is of course until someone comes up with a better idea/product. This isn’t some much complicated, new invention product. It is just simply a palette filled with wonderful colours. Why is it so hyped up and famous? Well I think that is the down to the numerous selection of colours and the combination you would be able to make of it, add that to the nice finish Urban Decay eyeshadows have. To be honest, I just mainly like it because when I look at this palette, I feel that I have all the type of eye looks I could possibly want or need in some cases. Except of course if I’m feeling a little “colour happy” for an eye look.

As adventurous as any makeup lovers, I think we can all agree we would always always go back to basics. This palette doesn’t disappoint. Even if you’re not that well acquainted with makeup, you will find joy in owning this palette. There are a lot other brands that are jumping on the “naked palette” bandwagon now but I truly love this palette enough that I would repurchase this if I ever run out, which would probably take me awhile.

It has a combination of matte and shimmer colours. The shimmer isn’t too overbearing, it gives just enough sheen to make it look almost satin/metallic like? There isn’t any fallout in chunks of glitter if that makes sense. Retails at around £30, this palette can be found at Debenhams, Boots, Sephora (for countries that do have this) and probably anywhere that sells Urban Decay.

This was given to me as a gift from a dear friend. It doesn’t however change the fact that I would buy this if I wasn’t given as a gift!

2. Moroccan Oil

This is the talk of town on its own right! Ever since we found out that Hollywood A-listers use this miracle oil on their perfect locks, I think everyone just has to find out what this is all about. I think it was initially made for people in the Middle-East to help tame their unruly hair caused by the weather. It is essentially made of Argan oil, which has many benefits in treating damaged hair. Judging by the name, my wild guess would be it is originated from Morocco.

The company that made this simple natural source ie. argan oil is Moroccan Oil. This is always the case, it takes one big company to make a simple product famous, even if we have had it in our backyard for years (not argan oil of course). I wanted to try this product but at the same time I didn’t want to splurge £30 on a bottle just in case it doesn’t work! Therefore I was beyond ecstatic when I found it on LookFantastic for around £12.80 for a small bottle. Don’t be fooled by the small package, it will last you for a while! I have had this since July and look how much I have left! Bear in mind I do use it everyday without fail! The verdict : amazing product in one simple bottle! I love this product so much! It has truly made my hair better, don’t expect the result to be some fairytale transformation. It would transform your hair overnight into a hair shampoo ad-model! You do however notice things like how healthy it is starting to become, your ends are less dry, it takes so much faster to air-dry your hair and my hair gets greasy much slower! It is oil but it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling at all to your hair. More than anything, it leaves your hair more rejuvenated!

3. Benetint & High Beam

I don’t necessarily wear them together. This is just a joint-favourite. I purchased the Glamour magazine, or rather several of them to get my hands on these freebies! What could be better when Benefit products that would just cost me a mere £2 magazine.

I have to say I have had reservations about Benetint for years now, only because the colour in the bottle is too “out there” for me. I wouldnt have probably tried this product if this magazine deal didn’t exists, which now when I look at it is a crazy thought. I absolutely adore this cheek tint! On my skin-tone, it gives me the most fresh look I could hope for! It makes me look so awake and radiant! I think if you adore the “natural-flush” look than you would probably want to get your hands on this cheek tint, either Benetint of other shades of cheek tint Benefit has that is best suited to your skintone.

High Beam, there isn’t much I can say about this because it is basically a highlight product. I have been using this for nearly 3 years now and it is still one of my favourite highlighter. Getting it free with the magazine is just icing on the cake, piling up my backups for the future! It is a luminous light pink colour with hints of micro sized glitter. It gives the nicest sheen when I apply it to my cheekbones, I’ve always had compliments when I put this on. It photographs really well!

4. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

I’ve heard so many great reveiws about this product, so I jumped at the chance when I spotted this bad boy for £11 at the Cosmetic Company Outlet store in Bicester Village. What a discount! It is such a creamy concealer with a thick consistency! I love this for my undereye, it conceals and brightens! I don’t think it has any light-reflecting particles that brightens up the undereye, I think it just boils down to the colour I picked which is a shade lighter than my skintone.

I wouldn’t necessarily buy this product again at full-price because when it comes to undereye concealers, I like to always try new products. But as for now, I really love this BB product!

Phew I think that went better than the last time I wrote! Till next month 🙂


I don’t have a lot of favs for this month as most of my previous favs are still my current favs. Wow that’s alot of “favs” in one sentence 🙂

1. Clarisonic Mia

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this gadget, it has transformed my skin in less than a month! My pores appear smaller and my face is glowing and almost taut like, if that makes sense. My cheeks have a natural pinkish flush to it after each usage, shows that the blood circulation near the surface of the skin.

The first week of using this, I had a few breakouts here and there and that is a normal effect as your skin is thoroughly cleansed for the first time. All the dirt that has accumulated is clearing up so you do get a few flair ups. But I persevered and by the 2nd week I could see it was slowly clearing up and my dark spots have lighten. My skin isn’t completely where I want it to be yet but I can see such a great improvement.

It’s true what the advert says, once you’ve tried this, cleansing the normal way wouldn’t be appealing anymore. You’d actually look forward to cleansing your face now that you have tried this.

It is also waterproof so I dont have to worry about getting water on it. It is truly a brilliant gadget that is expensive but worth the penny if you are willing to spend.

2. Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

I’ve never owned a cuticle cream/balm before but after getting told off at a manicurist about having bad cuticles (oops!) I decided to get this. I’ve never heard of any reviews or raves about this product but I thought its just cuticles so any product should work well. And it did, I love this product, I’m absolutely addicted to putting this on my cuticles every morning and night. It has become some sort of a habit.

It is a solid form and you just rub it on your cuticles. What I like about it is that it’s not too oily that you feel you can’t touch anything because of the greasiness. It dries off quick on your nails and you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable.

It smells absolutely divine, very fresh lemony smell. Reminds me of summer days! To be honest, even if this product doesn’t work, I would still use it just because I’m attached to the smell now. Of course it is an added bonus that it actually works and my cuticles are nice and tidy, even my nails are noticeably stronger. I can now safely return to a manicure parlor without getting told off again 🙂

3. Something Borrowed

This just came out in the cinemas but I watched it through the net the other day and it made me cry! I didn’t expect much from this movie, I just thought it’d be one of those chick-flicks that won’t make you cry nor laugh, it will just fill up your 2 hours on a boring day. But clearly by not expecting much, you end up getting really surprised at how much you like it.

I’ll be honest, I’m a movie buff, I’d watch all those movies that would even seem boring on their trailer. There’s only one thing I wouldn’t watch and that is HORROR. Yes yes, I’m a chicken and I’m not ashamed of it. I despise horror and I won’t be able to stop thinking about it for many weeks to come. I wish I’m not like that but I am.

This movie isn’t your typical “everyone is happy at the end of the day” type of flick and that’s why I like it. It shows you that sometimes you won’t do the right thing and it’s okay. Not everything is so black and white in this world. You are not a bad person to be selfish once in a while, especially if you’re the type of person who is always getting hurt just to make others happy. In a way, this movie is more realistic than the normal fairytale, cinderella inspired stories. I won’t say more than that as I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you. Watch the trailer;

I’ve yet to watch Pirates of The Carribbean 4, Thor and The Hangover 2! A lot to cover!

That’s all for now, till next month 🙂


I’m a little late on this month’s bandwagon as I was a little busy over the weekend. Here’s my April’s  fav;

1. The Vichy Normaderm range

This was definitely this month’s god sent! I was breaking out excessively and my skin is usually not acne-prone so you can understand my frustration. I’m sure if you have acne problem skin, you’d know how demotivating that little problem can cause you. It might sound like the most ridiculous problem to be mulling over but it’s true what they say, until you experience it you’ll never know. Before this problem occurred to me, I never got why my friends who have acne-prone skin would fuss so much over a few pimples here and there and I always thought there is always make-up that would do the trick. Well wrong again obviously. It’s not so much about covering up your flaws, it’s about not being able to breathe in your own skin without feeling like you need to depend on make-up 24/7. I love make-up, I really do but there are some days where I would much prefer to go au naturel, and with this new problem skin I’ve been having, it prevents me to do so.

Ever since my trial run with Clinique 3-Step skin care system, my skin has never been the same. Definitely not in a good way. I should have listened when people said it either works for you or be absolutely wrong for your skin. Knowing the 50-50 chance I should have backed out, but I tried it anyways and since then my skin has been extremely sensitive to new products. I even had to see a dermatologist to reverse all the wrongdoings of Clinique on my skin.

I did a lot of research with this product before buying it, just so the Clinique episode won’t happen again. At first, hearing the name makes me think of some cheap product (Vichy doesn’t really sound that high-end, does it?) but after much research and review-reading, I found out that Vichy is a French brand which is consider quite a cult product, their Normaderm range especially. Much like another French brand Avene, their line promotes thermal spring water which says to be very good for the skin, especially sensitive ones.

Their Normaderm line is exclusively for acne-prone and sensitive skin. At first I bought their Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care which is essentially a daily moisturiser. I have heard so many amazing reviews about it, saying that it mattifies the skin, gets rid of your imprefections, unclog your pores and make them appear smaller. Sounds too good to be true, I know. Until I tried it, and it really does deliver which is unbelievable. So I decided I should invest in their cleanser since my acne was getting out of hand. Within 2 weeks my skin was clearing up, it is truly my fav skincare so far!

Tip: If you don’t have that oily of a skin like I do (mine is combination skin), then alternate this cleanser with a mild cleanser like my fav brand, Cetaphil (recommended by my dermatologist) as the Vichy does dry out your skin a little bit to get rid of the acne. I use my Cetaphil in the morning and Vichy at night. Skincare tends to be immune to your skin after awhile so it’s a great tip to alternate them so they wouldn’t get immune easily 🙂

2. Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions (Spot Treatment)

This was bought by my mum since she has recently became a Burt’s Bees member and junkie. Burt’s Bees products has worked wonders for her and her skin and she thought it might do the same to me. In all honesty, I’ve grown to love all the Burt’s Bees product I’ve tried so far, I have no negative comment on their products (so far).

This spot treatment has 0.75% salicylic acid which works wonders for acne! In layman’s term, salicylic acid is what goes right into your pores and unclogs it! That’s why most products that are for acne-prone skin has this vital ingredient in it. The only downside is, when used excessively it can dry out the skin. So I make sure I only apply the right amount.

Tip: Use a cotton bud to control your application

3.  Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

This is by far the best foundation I’ve ever used, mainly because whenever I use it, I’ve had amazing compliments on my skin and no one thought I was wearing any make-up. It gives your skin a fresh, glowing complexion minus the heavy feeling of wearing a foundation! It feel literally like your 2nd skin! I’ll give a proper review soon on this product, but for now I’ll just leave you with this review;

4. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Blushing Mauve

This has been my go-to pop of colour lately. It is the most gorgeous light pink colour that is quite sheer so you can build it up to achieve the colour consistency you want. It is a nice formula too, doesn’t dry up chapped lips and gives just the right amount of shine without looking like a disco ball. I absolutely adore the new ranges by Revlon, they have really outdone themselves. Some of the colours are good dupes for MAC lipsticks! I will purchase their matte lipstick range soon and see how I like it!

5. Sephora Lip Attitude Lipstick in G19

First of all, how gorgeous is the packaging! It will definitely look pretty in your collection 🙂 I absolutely adore this lipstick as it was everything I needed in an everyday lipstick. I was searching for a nude pink lipstick that would not wash my complexion out and this was spot on!

Sephora only opened recently in KL (yay!) so you should rush out and buy their lipstick range. I purchased this awhile ago when I was in Singapore. I’ve always loved Sephora but could only get it when I travel to countries that have them, so I was so overjoyed when to learn that Malaysia is one of those countries!

The formulation of this lipstick is great, it doesnt have a weird smell (which is always a bonus) and it is not at all sticky! It is almost the same consistency as the Revlon lipstick. I did a swatch of this lipstick to show you how gorgeous this colour is;

It is not exactly a nude colour, almost like the colour of your lips but better. So it’s perfect when you want to have the “i’m not wearing any make-up look”. I love layering this lipstick on top of the Revlon lipstick! They have a range of different colours, so check them out soon to expand your love for lipsticks 🙂

6. MAC matte blusher in Mocha

I’ve had this in my make-up collection for 2 years now but recently I’ve been wearing this a lot. This is definitely a rediscovered product. Usually I have a love-hate relationship with blushers, as I’m more of a bronzer and highlighter kind of girl but recently I tend to go for the “fresh, glowy” look which is amazing paired with a pink toned blusher. I lightly swipe the blusher on the apple of my cheeks and blend it out to make it look more natural. It gives the prettiest lift to my complexion and makes you look like you’re glowing from within. Personally I find matte blushers more forgiving to anyone that has large pores on their cheeks as it doesn’t accentuate it.

A lot of brands have amazing blushers, you just need to find the right shade for you. Don’t be put-off by the brightness of the colour, sometimes by trying it on your skin, you’ll see it blends it beautifully on your complexion. With my skin tone, not all pink blushers suit me, so I’d usually have to go for a deeper pink, almost mauve tone.

If I could describe this colour in a liptick it would probably be the Revlon lipstick I just talked about. They are almost similar!

Thats all for now, till next month 🙂


So we’re already in the month of April, I thought it’d be a perfect time to do my monthly favs for the month of March. This includes anything from beauty to music.

1. Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with pomegranate oil

I’m in love with this lip balm solely for the fact that it hydrates and plump your lips. I don’t think plumping was part of the purpose of this lip balm but I think the plumping effect you get is resulting from the colour this lip balm gives to your lips. It has that red-ish colour like when you were a little kid and you just had a lollipop. I think most of you would know what i mean? Maybe? It’s also perfect when you cant be bothered to slather on a lipgloss, but at the same time wanted a put-together look. This lip balm gives you the added gloss thrown in with a bit of a colour to brighten up your face!

Well look at me sounding all “salesperson” on you haha!

But on a serious note, I think the added pomegranate oil in this lip balm is perfect for dry,chapped lips like mine. I did a little research, and apparently pomegranate oil improves the elasticity of the skin while providing the needed moisture. It is especially good for aging, mature skin. I don’t exactly fall under that category…yet, but it’s better to start taking care of those factors from now as I am heading in that direction 🙂

You know what’s the best part about this lip balm? I GOT IT FOR FREE by buying the Marie Claire (Malaysia) April issue! It’s their Earth Issue, promoting recycling etc in hopes for a better world. It comes with a brown packaging which looks like a big envelope, and the magazine is inside, pretty neat i thought! So grab one now, you get to read a great magazine fighting for a great cause while enjoying a great product. Sounds like a good month to me!

2. Vitamin E Oil (35,000 I.U.)

This is more of a rediscovered product. I’ve been using this since I was a kid, I’ve always had problems with sensitive skin so I’m more prone to marks and scars all over my body. If I had a mosquito bite, it would literally take weeks to heal and because of that I’ve always had a problem with wearing skirts or dresses when I was a kid, until I discovered this product. Okay okay I didn’t, it was my mum who did! Credits to her! 🙂

She forced it on me as the slimy, extremely oily texture used to put me off. And let me tell you, I’m glad she forced me,it was the best move! Within days my scars and marks started clearing and I gained my confidence!

There isn’t much hype about this vitamin e oil which I’m surprised about. I think products like Bio-Oil takes the limelight out of a great product like this! I haven’t tried Bio-Oil per se but I have heard reviews from friends that have, and their verdicts have not convinced me to rush to the nearest store to purchase it. Maybe it does work but takes probably twice as long to heal as compared to this vitamin e oil.

Recently I’ve had a series of terrible breakouts as a result of a bad reaction to a product I was trying out and this product has been a huge help! I’ve tried countless serums to reduce the acne scars that has developed on my face but this is by far the best, the result is visible in 24hours, you can see the scars fading and any swelling or redness, reduced. The only thing that scared me was how oily it is and how it would probably make my skin breakout even more, but so far so good, the oiliness subside after a few hours as the skin drinks up all the moisture and goodness. This is good too for any flaky dry skin as vitamin e oil is known to be the best natural moisturiser.

To those who were wondering what the 35,000 I.U. stands for, it indicates how concentrated the oil is. This is how I understand it, the higher the number, the faster the healing process is. It probably isn’t the best way to describe it technically, but it works for me. There are other brands, and I am in no means promoting this specific brand, all vitamin e oil are amazing, no matter which company sells it. I tend to buy the brand that has the highest I.U. I could find.

Another alternative which is popular is to cut up the vitamin e capsules you get from pharmacies and use the oil straight onto your skin. It works and it is advisable by experts.

I highly highly recommend this product! I think this will be my all-time fav product for many years to come!

3. High “Model-esque” Bun

This popular trend has graced the redcarpet and runway shows. It is such a popular hair-do that made famous by models, hence the term “the model look”. I think essentially it originates from messy buns models have on their “off” days, it is so effortless and chic, could be dressed up or down depending on each individual! To dress is down simply pull out a few strands of hair on the front to give that messy look. To dress it up, just use a hairspray to tuck all the flyaways and apply extra shine serum to the hair, this makes it more put-together and sleek.

My mum thinks this reminds her of a-woman-who-has-just-given-birth look. Hehe. She calls it the “lepas pantang” look. It is a phrase commonly known to the Malays for women post birth and in the healing process.

Personally I love this trend on hot summer days as it is beautiful yet practical. It accentuates your features and elongates the neck. It is the subtle appeal that makes this trend so sexy!

There are many tutorials available on YouTube but this is my fav tutorial for this hairstyle, enjoy!

Want to spice it up? Add a pretty headband, like these gorgeous Jennifer Behr (left) and Stacey Lapidus (right) pieces. Their headbands are worn by the famous Blair Waldorf in GG.

Gorgeous isn’t it? I want oneeee! If only money grows on trees…….I’d plant a lot of it!

That is all for now, till next month 🙂


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