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Life Calls

19 Jun

It has been a crazy few months – a lot of new opportunities and responsibilities. I’m not complaining obviously but the only bad thing that has resulted from this would be my absence from this very blog. It is very, very much my fault!

Cross fingers I have found the right recipe in juggling this blog into my routine. Writing used to give me a sense of release at the end of a stressful day – guess I just need to find that balance again.

So what have I been up to?

Well, the good news is I’ve started a job as a PR & Social Media exec at a jewellery label here in London. In a million years I never thought I would ever work in PR, but this job has definitely been an interesting experience. Work is good, great actually!

On another note, I have also been attending summer school at the London College of Fashion in their Buying & Merchandising course. I’m juggling part-time studying with work – thoroughly absorbing as much as I can about the fashion industry. How did I get from a background in Mathematics to this, who knows? I’ve yet to give my mum an answer to that question – I’m the main cause of her headaches. Sorry mum!

“Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.” – David McCullough

Always a good quote to live by.

Just a few “outfit of the days” for when I attended my classes..

Top – Zara, Jacket – Zara, Jeans – J Brand 811, Shoes – Topshop, Bag – Balenciaga Part-time, Necklace – H&M

I am in love with this Zara Neon necklace! The closest I could get to a Tom Binns inspired!

Top – Topshop, Blazer – Mum’s, Necklace – Zara, Bag – Zara

 Edaburgh aka the classmate


Zara Me Good

28 Sep

Without a doubt Zara takes the 70% majority of my wardrobe kingdom. When I’m feeling like a new top/a new blouse/ a new pants, it is always this Spanish brand that I seem to step into. Even when I’m broke, I like going in there and smelling the new clothes I cant afford, especially when they just put up a new season’s collection. No I don’t physically smell the clothes, that’s just weird. But you get the gist!

I went into Zara a few times the last few weeks, and it is one of my favourites time of the year in there…new coats, new boots, new jumpers mmmm. Autumn/Winter is my favourite season of all time. Nothing says chic more like a woman in a good coat.

When I look at their items, I can see influences from Stella McCartney’s undefined, masculine-style coats, Celine’s simple clean lines for clothing and Jil Sander’s enthusiasm for bringing bright colours to a dark fall outfit. All that inspiration but none of the burden on your bank account.

Here is my wishlist from Zara for a/w 11;

1. Coats & Blazers

2. Trousers

3. Jumpers

4. Shoes

5. Tops/Blouses

6. Bags


(images source:

Everything that I could do with, if only I had extra money lying around. So what are your Zara picks?

*this is not a sponsored post

Palazzo Pants

23 May


I’m loving the palazzo pants for this summer. If you’re slightly overwhelmed by the name, it is essentially just a relaxed, loose, wide-legged pants. It is so versatile and appropriate for a lot of body types.

I know it seems a little daunting to wear something so big and apparent when you’re out and about, but there are several cuts of palazzo pants you can get in stores. Some have wider legs than others; if you’re not as confident to wear a really wide-legged palazzo, then stick to slimmer tailored cuts like these Zara beauties, comes in 3 different colours. I’m especially drawn to the striking green pair;


If you’re slightly more brave, these pairs would embrace the palazzo trend well;


Wear this on a hot summer day or out for a special occasion. One of the things that I love most about this pants is that, you can wear it with any top and style it in different ways to achieve different looks everytime!

Pair this with chunky heels and it will elongate your legs like no other! Especially helpful for petites as it will not drown you when you pair this pants with heels!

Olivia Palermo has always been my style icon ever since she appeared on screen, she’s a star at styling and always look so immaculate! Here is how she wears her palazzo pants!


Invest in a pair, and you’ll be amaze at how chic and sophisticated it’ll make you feel!

Have a great week!