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Life Calls

19 Jun

It has been a crazy few months – a lot of new opportunities and responsibilities. I’m not complaining obviously but the only bad thing that has resulted from this would be my absence from this very blog. It is very, very much my fault!

Cross fingers I have found the right recipe in juggling this blog into my routine. Writing used to give me a sense of release at the end of a stressful day – guess I just need to find that balance again.

So what have I been up to?

Well, the good news is I’ve started a job as a PR & Social Media exec at a jewellery label here in London. In a million years I never thought I would ever work in PR, but this job has definitely been an interesting experience. Work is good, great actually!

On another note, I have also been attending summer school at the London College of Fashion in their Buying & Merchandising course. I’m juggling part-time studying with work – thoroughly absorbing as much as I can about the fashion industry. How did I get from a background in Mathematics to this, who knows? I’ve yet to give my mum an answer to that question – I’m the main cause of her headaches. Sorry mum!

“Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.” – David McCullough

Always a good quote to live by.

Just a few “outfit of the days” for when I attended my classes..

Top – Zara, Jacket – Zara, Jeans – J Brand 811, Shoes – Topshop, Bag – Balenciaga Part-time, Necklace – H&M

I am in love with this Zara Neon necklace! The closest I could get to a Tom Binns inspired!

Top – Topshop, Blazer – Mum’s, Necklace – Zara, Bag – Zara

 Edaburgh aka the classmate


Photo Friendly

17 Jun

I’ve tracked a habit – I’m constantly trying to lure you with pictures to make up for my absence in blogging. I have a funny way of saying sorry! Hope this act of luring will make up for it – that or the pictures themselves.

Just a series of a weekend “outfit of the day” when I met up with an old housemate/uni friend who came down to London for a visit! This was some time ago – I’ve been meaning to put this up!


We just had a lazy day at the Victoria & Albert Museum





Sleeveless top – H&M, Waterfall jacket – H&M, Blazer – Zara, Jeans – J Brand 901, Shoes – Topshop, Bag – Balenciaga Part-time
 Jewellery – ASOS spike bracelet, rose gold bracelet gift from mum, two friendship style bracelet handmade by me.


 and this is what the friend wore, I love the combo! I must say, he is quite the fashionista!


I took him to my fav cafe in Hampstead, about 5 mins from where I live.

Top – Warehouse, Jeans – J Brand 811, Jacket – Zara, Bag – Balenciaga Part-time, Shoes – Topshop, Rings – ASOS

Always good to catch up with an old friend!

It’s mid-June and I’m still having my boots and coats on standby! Only in the UK you get rain, sunshine and the cold all in one day! I find myself stuffing an umbrella, sunglasses, scarf and a jacket all in one bag before heading out – I need a bigger bag!


15 Feb

As a self-proclaimed online shopping addict, I’m always more than happy to find out about new shopping sites other than the ones I have already bookmarked on my computer. It is almost therapeutic to go through clothes that you end up not buying but just to envision the “what if I were to buy this, how would I wear it” in your head.

No it’s not a syndrome, we all do it. Well at least I don’t think I’m the only one?

Just recently Zalando has made its way to the UK, offering a wide selection of brands from all over the world for their customers. I was told that Zalando has already made its mark in a number of countries such as Germany, Italy, Holland and France. As off now, they are only available in some countries in the Europe but hopefully in the future they will make their way to Asia maybe? I will eventually return to Malaysia for good so I would be thrilled to know if some online shops would ship to my side of the globe.

Based on experience, Zalando’s shipping service is impeccable. Within 2 days of order, I received their big white and orange box at my doorstep. They offer free shipping and return, which is always good news to those who wants to give it a try.

I received two things;

Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus

I adore this lip balm, it has become a favourite in my make-up bag. It is very moisturising and the colour Hibiscus is such a nice rosy pink colour on the lips. It is highly pigmented for a lip balm but not pigmented enough to be a lipstick, which is ideal.

Vero Moda Celina Mini Dress

Two things that attract me to this; colour-blocking and Celine clutch inspired. This dress describes everything I currently love about the trend now, electric blue and the way the colour is paired it reminded me so much of this Celine clutch;

image source:

Some items I’m coveting over on the Zalando site;

Vero Moda Wonder Colour Jeans in Blue

I love anything electric blue and this jeans is such a transitional piece from winter to spring. The styling on their site for this is so spot-on, the jeans looks nice paired with a floral blouse and nude pumps.

Missoni Ballet Pumps

Who doesnt love a bit of Missoni print in their wardrobe. This Italian brand really knows how to sum up everything about summer in a footwear. This ballet pumps is so cute and fun!

Have a look on Zalando, you might be tempted to purchase a few items!

I will be bookmarking their website, that’s for sure!

*this is a sponsored post*

Golden Globes 2012 Dresses

16 Jan

Who watched the Golden Globes 2012? I sure would have if I could. But the thing I’m excited most about Golden Globes, Oscars and all the other award shows alike are actually the red carpet numbers for that night. All those dresses, inspired make-up and hair that will set the trend for the year.

So when I woke up this morning the first thing I did was google “Golden Globes 2012 dresses” and here are some of my favourites;

Lea Michele in Marchesa Spring 2012 Collection

I have always had a soft spot for Marchesa, most of their dresses that have graced the red carpet I have loved!

Charlize Theron in Dior Couture

I love that she is channeling 1920s vibe. She has it down to the “T” with her gorgeous Cartier headband and the side knot. This dress was designed by the in-house design team after they fired John Galliano. They have done a pretty impressive job I must say.

Emma Stone in Lanvin

The deep maroon colour to the “superhero” belt, Emma Stone sure knows how to pull off this look. Some might say the jeweled eagle belt is an unusual piece to pair with a rather “pretty” dress, but I think it’s a bold move and she carries it well. I just love her skin tone in this dress!

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace

She can do no wrong can she? She looks like a vixen in this dress, with just the right amount of red.

Maria Menounos

Skin-tight, sequins and bright yellow…three of the hardest things to pull off in a dress and she looks good doing it!

Michelle Williams in Jason Wu

Jason Wu’s first dress to grace the red carpet! I love that it is a different material to the usual red carpet dresses. The Fred Leighton headband compliments the dress and her pixie haircut.

Jessica Alba in Gucci
Claire Danes in J. Mendel


images source:

Lust List

12 Jan
Lust List Jan '12
Acne Pistol boots, Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. clutch, Maison Martin Margiela rose gold ring set, Chanel glasses

I’ve been lusting over these items for awhile now, especially the four rings set by Maison Martin Margiela.  I’m so determined to DIY this ring, I’ve been searching for single thick band rings and wear four of them together. All I’ve found so far is just a sterling silver ring, which isn’t exactly close to the rose gold MMM number that I like but I think silver would be pretty cool too. I’m quite surprised Topshop hasn’t tapped into this design yet as they do with other iconic designer items.

Like the widely popular Ambush boots from Topshop that has very similar style to the Acne Pistol boots. I have to admit I was very tempted to buy the Topshop version of those boots just because I don’t think I can ever justify paying over £300 for a pair of  winter boots. I even find the Topshop version to be overpriced. So, for now, I’ll just keep lusting over these Acne boots from Google images.

The Rebecca Minkoff lime green clutch bag is too cute! It’d be such a great piece for a pop of colour to your outfit! I think lime green is especially nice paired with blacks! 

 sources : polyvore,

Zara Me Good

28 Sep

Without a doubt Zara takes the 70% majority of my wardrobe kingdom. When I’m feeling like a new top/a new blouse/ a new pants, it is always this Spanish brand that I seem to step into. Even when I’m broke, I like going in there and smelling the new clothes I cant afford, especially when they just put up a new season’s collection. No I don’t physically smell the clothes, that’s just weird. But you get the gist!

I went into Zara a few times the last few weeks, and it is one of my favourites time of the year in there…new coats, new boots, new jumpers mmmm. Autumn/Winter is my favourite season of all time. Nothing says chic more like a woman in a good coat.

When I look at their items, I can see influences from Stella McCartney’s undefined, masculine-style coats, Celine’s simple clean lines for clothing and Jil Sander’s enthusiasm for bringing bright colours to a dark fall outfit. All that inspiration but none of the burden on your bank account.

Here is my wishlist from Zara for a/w 11;

1. Coats & Blazers

2. Trousers

3. Jumpers

4. Shoes

5. Tops/Blouses

6. Bags


(images source:

Everything that I could do with, if only I had extra money lying around. So what are your Zara picks?

*this is not a sponsored post


4 Sep

So I wrote a long post on my monthly favourites page for the month of August and then my computer crashes! Now I cant remember those carefully thought words anymore so I shall leave that for tomorrow maybe.

This post is solely meant to thank a few bloggers/Youtubers that have been more than helpful with the progress of my jewellery line. In no particular order, the people responsible in introducing my jewellery line to the outside world;

Charlotte from CosmeticsCharlotte72

Vivianna from ViviannaDoesMakeup

Nicola from  Non-Optional

Eda from Edaburgh

Michelle from DaisyButter

Daniela from CoutureAndCrumpets

Steph from TopshopPrincess

Shannon from DaintyMakeup

They have done reviews, features, outfit of the days etc. all involving my jewellery line. I’m absolutely flattered and thankful for the exposure!

Please check their blogs and YouTube channels for more info. I’m a big fan of all their blogs and channels! They have amazing style and knowledge about all things beauty and fashion related!

Here are some pics from the past weeks;

Men’s GAP shirt, Levi’s Jeans, Zara Loafers, Mum’s vintage Bally bag, Rayban sunglasses

Zara shirt, Zara jeans, Topshop flats, Balenciaga Part-Time bag

chocolate chip cheesecake cake baked by yours truly

traditional outfit from Malaysia, Le Sensible necklace from my line

It was Eid celebration last Thurs, hence the pics of me in my traditional outfit. I went to the Malaysian Embassy to celebrate it with fellow Malaysians. It was bittersweet as I couldn’t celebrate it with my family, 6000 miles away. But all is good when you have good food at the embassy 🙂

Have a great week!

Back In A Flash!

6 Aug

wellllll not really, I know…

I think another two days and it will be a month since I last posted something on this beloved blog of mine. It is not due to negligence, I promise. I shall explain what have I been up to for the past weeks that have hindered me (in one way or another) from writing and went on hiatus.

The lists of events that have occurred/happened/took place based on self-planning (just to make sure I cover all grounds hehe..), in no particular order at all :

– moved

-graduation ceremony

-family holiday

-no internet

Now, that might seem like a lame excuse someone have probably used, so to further convince you that I have not, in any way shape or form neglected you based on laziness, I have pictures to prove….AHA! (I just added that bit for pure pleasure)

But I don’t think I can fit all of the pics of the events stated on one post so I shall distribute the stories into a few posts as well as I could, cross fingers.

So yes…I’ve moved to








I left KL about 3 weeks ago actually, I didn’t take any pics of how chaotic the last few days in KL was. If only you could see how many boxes of Milo Sejuk  I stuffed in my bag. Safe to say, coming to London is just like going back home to Malaysia, food wise at least. Environment, never.

I am now currently residing in London on my own until my good friend and future housemate, Yuns comes over in Sept and then the fun begins 🙂 Until then, I shall just stare at the wall or something. It’s ok, I’ll manage.

Moving day wasn’t fun at all.

Apparently that sight isn’t normal.

Don’t people pack their things in IKEA bags? Boxes are so tedious! Ikea bags have handles for easy carrying 🙂

So part of the reason why I haven’t written is also because there is no broadband at the new place. I will try and set one up as soon as I can and hopefully things will be back to before again! Until then I will find places with free wifi, which is what I am currently doing right now!

A friend (and much like a sister to me) Eda or better known as Edaburgh in the blogging world, helped me unpack and settle in. If you check out her fashion blog, she does all this OOTD or short for Outfit Of The Day posts where she showcases how her personal style is for that particular day and lists out what she’s wearing.

I had a little fun of my own. This is what I call as the “Blogger Pose”, because a lot of fashion bloggers seem to do this pose I noticed!

Trousers: Zara
Shoes: ASOS
Bag: Balenciaga part-time

Yes, probably not a pretty sight as I have not mastered this pose yet haha.

I might actually start doing this in some of my posts, we shall see. I do live by myself like I said and I think if I start whipping out a tripod in the middle of the street, I would probably get questionable looks from passersby.

A few days after moving in, my family flew in from Malaysia for my graduation ceremony and also for a short mini break to Stockholm. My mum has always wanted to see a Scandinavian country and all its amazing advanced technology.That story I should probably keep for another post.

Hope this was a nice surprise ie. a new post.

To all Muslims, have a good Ramadhan! Fasting from here is no joke, sunset at 8.40pm people!!

p/s: I am still actively involved in my jewellery line. I ship them worldwide so to my Malaysian customers, please do take note that sale activities are as usual. Transit time is of course a little longer than before.

Do It For Less #2

30 Jun

Turban Troubles


images sources:, and

I’ve been loving this style of a headband but sometimes it costs too much to be buying them in every colour just so I could be spotted in different colours with different outfits (so greedy!). So recently I was raiding my mum’s closet (…as you do on a casual Sunday) and found her beautiful scarves that she has tucked away untouched. I thought I should show them some human love, bring them back to its glory.

So here is my version of a turban headband, in step-by-step…

1. Get any small square scarf you could find, preferably the one with a really pretty print

2. Fold the scarf into a triangle shape by joining opposite ends of the scarf together. Then fold the top half of the triangle into a small long strip, like so.

3. Keep fold the scarf  towards the pointed end of the triangle until you get something like a long strip of scarf.


4. Bring the scarf at the nape of your neck, like how I did in the picture.

Disclaimer: I tied my hair in a bun to show the process with ease, you can do the same technique with any hairstyle you choose (letting go of your hair, messy up-do etc)

5. Cross the two ends of the scarf at the top of your head (try and make sure its centre)

6. Then cross it again (basically switching the ends of the scarf between hands and doing it twice).

7. Then bring the two ends to the nape of your neck and tie two knots, to keep it secure.

8. Tuck the remaining ends under the scarf, like so

Now you can rock this style, without going the extra mile to buy new headbands just to rock this trend. This is my version of recycling fashion pieces 🙂 The best part is, you won’t get someone wearing the same headband as you.


Have a try!

Summer Pieces

14 Jun

Here are my summer picks for this year. Some of the key trends that I love and could be pulled off by anyone easily!

These trends were spotted around at S/S 2011 runways and could be easily adapted into daily wear, most shops are already stocking these trends! Get inspired 🙂

1. Maxi Dress

2. Maxi Skirt

3. Palazzo Pants

4. Midi Length

5. Colour Blocking

6. Clutch-it

7. Summer Stripes

(images source:

Hope this post would make you want to go shopping and scout for some pieces from these trends. Don’t be afraid to go bold with colours! After all, summer is all about having fun..right?

Have a good week!