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Glossybox Jan ’12

30 Jan

The much anticipated box from Glossybox is finally here! All of the subscribers have waited a few extra weeks for what they called as a “surprise” box. It was notified in Dec that the January box will be late as the Glossybox team will be putting extra effort in this exclusive limited edition box.

I was very impressed with their limited edition Dec box, and I was glad that I signed up just in time to get that box. So when it was announced that the January box would also be a limited edition box, I immediately had high hopes for it.

First looks into the January box, which was themed around Valentine’s Day…

My verdict: This box fell flat for me, it did not excite me at all. If the promise of a great box wasn’t there this would have probably been a sufficient enough box for me to like. However, because there was so much hype around this particular box and the long wait that comes with it, Glossybox did not deliver as much as I would have hoped.

I was that eager to find out what was in this January box that I googled other blogs to see if other bloggers might have received theirs beforehand. I found out that Gemma from Gemsmaquillage was one of the first to get a sneakpeek of this well anticipated box. She received Clarins moisturisers instead of the two Davines product (pictured above), and I was secretly hoping at the very least I would get that in my box since I’ve been dying to try Clarins skincare products! Knowing my luck, I didn’t!

I really think the “surprise” in this box was just this sweet with the Glossybox brand stamped on it. I am not impressed at all.

The only exciting this about this box is the fuschia pink coloured box. And if I’m more excited about the packaging than the products in it, that says alot about my enthusiasm for this month’s choices of products!

Hopefully Feb would be better!


Boudoir Prive Oct : First Look

24 Oct

I was highly anticipating this box since I received an email from them saying they have shipped the boxes.

Here are some pictures documented as I was opening the Boudoir Prive October box…

Excellent packaging, I personally love their attention to details. The box itself has a magnetic clasps which opens up to a beautiful box perfect for storage of little things. I might use it to store my manicure kits.

Here are some details of each product in the box. I was very intrigued by the selection of products in this first box. Everything is something I would have never thought of purchasing/trying until now. I’m only familiar with one brand in the box, which was Korres. The rest were foreign to me, which is a good thing because that means I’m more exposed now to other brands out there!

I thought this exclusive Boudoir Prive members-only invite was a nice touch! A complimentary goodie bag and mini facial also included!


I haven’t played around with all the items yet. I’ve only tried about 3 items so far. I will do a detailed review on these items on another post! So far, Boudoir Prive has put a smile on my face but we shall see in the next few boxes in the coming months!


Boudoir Prive

21 Sep

Sounds a little sexy doesn’t it? Or is that just me? I promise you I’m not reviewing a lingerie brand or my lingerie for that matter.

It does sound very sexy and very French.

Well the name might have swayed me into this impulse purchase of the day…nothing major, just another beauty in a box monthly subscription. I guess it is a little exciting for a beauty addict or I would personally call it beauty enthusiast like myself.

I have finally taken the plunge to be in a committed relationship with a monthly beauty in a box subscription. As of now at least, we shall see in due time how this relationship varies with my long-term expectations.

Click on the picture to learn more about this company and their concept

Like GlossyBox and BirchBox, this is too another brand jumping on the bandwagon that is currently taking the beauty world by storm, their selling point would be, you’d never have to be stuck in a beauty rut as new and exciting products will be knocking on your doorstep every month, waiting for you to give it a home. I am very dramatic like that.

Since my last post about GlossyBox, there were so many times I was so close to purchasing the subscription for it…even if it is for their box! I am such a sucker for nice packaging! But I was always torn between the mixed reviews everyone on the youtube and blogging world has been giving. Some boxes are good and some are not even worth the £10.

I think I was caught off guard yesterday as I didn’t run a thorough research on Boudoir Prive as I normally would with ANY brands or products, the next thing I knew I was pressing the “Confirm Payment” button. I do however am looking forward to receiving my first box in October. The great thing is the “free and cancel anytime” policy. So if I’m feeling a little short on money in my account, I could always terminate my subscription.

One of the main reasons why I think I would love a this company is that the sample items they will be supplying are mainly products you would have never ever heard off, and probably not even exposed to. I like the feeling of finding something new or something less mainstream but works like a charm.

I shall be doing a full review on the items in the box itself, the shipping and the packaging. That will all be in October unfortunately. Until then, this unboxing of the Bourdoir Prive box might help give some insight on what it is all about;

On another note, I would like to thank a dear beauty blogging friend/beauty guru, Holly from YummyMummyBeautyBlog for doing a review and an intro on my jewellery line. She ordered 4 pieces and all of them look great on her! She is absolutely stunning and as describe by her blog name a yummy mummy. I’ve always find her reviews very very helpful! Thanks again Holly!

Have a lovely day!

Sunday Blurb

21 Aug

Since I wasn’t very “active” with my blog for the last month, thought I’d share a little beauty haul accumulated over the past 2 months or so..

I know I’ve been good…a little over a year ago that amount would have probably quadrupled!

The first obvious item would be the infamous NAKED palette that was gifted to me by a sweet friend, Yanti 🙂 She just gave it to me for free because she had two and she knows how much I wanted it! I’ve been using it every day, it is such a perfect kit for those who loves browns and neutrals!

The selection of colours will take you from day to night, from work to a date. It is so versatile and useful that I usually just throw this palette in my makeup bag when I’m traveling and bring no other eyeshadows.

Is it worth getting one? Ohhhh yesssssaaa-reee!

I would actually buy this again if I ever run out of it, no joke!

I wouldn’t go into details of each item as most of them would be in my August Favourite post, which would be up in this coming week! I would review the items in that post.

Stay tuned for that!

Have a lovely week!


How To…#6

6 Jun

How To Choose Blush Colour

I was having brunch with the girls the other day and one of them brought up about blushes, how there are so many shades out there but which shade would look right on her skin. So here I am, dedicating this post to Jess 🙂

To make it less confusing, I shall separate this into 3 sections; techniques, types and skin-tones.


Here are some simple techniques I’ve read about on how to find the closest colour that matches your natural skintone when you flush.

1. Pinch your cheeks and wait for a few minutes. The rush of blood to your cheeks will give you the range of hue you should opt for. That particular shade will be the most natural looking shade on your skin.

2. Look in the mirror after you have done some exercising, an hour’s worth of aerobics or any strenuous activity . Same as before, the natural flush to your cheeks will determine your right shade.

3. The effect your cheeks get after you’ve been out in the cold could also help you determine your right blush colour.


1. Powder blush

This is commonly used and is great for all skin types but exceptionally helpful if you’re someone with oily skin as it stays on your face for longer.

I personally recommend matte powder blushes as nothing is natural-looking about shimmery blushes. It accentuates your pores and spots. If you’re interested in a sheen or glowy look to your face, I would suggest applying highlighter to areas you want a glow rather than getting a blush with shimmer in it.


2. Cream blush

This type of blush is suitable for dry to combination skin, it wouldn’t be so helpful for oily skin as it will melt off easily. Cream blushes are dense but when blended in well, it is not as opaque and lets your skin show through. Applying cream blushes will give you a more dewy and healthy look to your face, almost like you just went to the gym.

Since it is a cream formulation, it is best to apply using your fingers or opt for MAC 188 brush which works well with cream products.

If you use loose powder or powder foundation on your face, it is not advisable to use cream blushes as it might create clumping. Powder base with powder blushes, cream/liquid/mousse base with cream blushes. So the mantra is, dry with dry and wet with wet 🙂

3. Tint/Gel blush

This is a tricky type of blush as it dries pretty quickly so you have to be very fast at blending it so it doesn’t look streaky. But once it is set on your face, it won’t budge or melt until you wash it off. It creates a staining effect which will also give your cheeks a natural flush.



There are 3 categorisation of skintones; fair, medium and dark/deep. To further analyse, I will also include undertones; cool and warm.

*To check which undertone you are, check the inside part of your wrist. Which vein shows up more, blue or green? Blue = cool, green = warm.Another way is to check which jewellery shows up better on your skin, silver/platinum or gold? Which makes your skin appear more radiant? Silver =cool, gold = warm

1. Fair + cool

Pastel or baby pink, light beige, soft rose and crimson for more intensity

2. Fair + warm

Light peach with hues of pink and hot pink for more intensity

3. Medium + cool

Light raspberry, mauve pink, rosy pink, terracotta and crimson for more intensity

4. Medium + warm

Coral with brown hues, warm red and hot pink for more intensity

5. Dark/Deep + cool

Plum, dark raspberry, wine, red with blue hues

6. Dark/Deep + warm

Deep coral, anything with a bronze brown hues and warm red.


The best application is by applying the highest concentration of colour just outside the fattest part of your cheeks, not directly under the eyes. That being said, don’t keep the part of cheeks under the eyes completely colour-free, blend in the colour slowly onto that area but very faintly, creating as though you are glowing with colour from within. This will avoid the “too much blush” look.

I hope this is rather helpful 🙂

What I’m Loving This Month

1 Jun

Just updated my monthly favourites for the month of May.

Check out the Monthly Favourites page for more info. As usual, here is a sneak peek of the things I talked about;



Beauty In A Box

25 May

When I first found out about this ingenious idea from a US site called BirchBox, the first thing I did was finding out whether or not they have the same concept in Msia, by using none other than Google. But the search engine failed me, so I started googling UK and yet again to no avail. That was last year.

Alright, I’m a little ahead of myself here. A little intro, before I confuse you with my inside story…

BirchBox is a company that sends you a monthly box of high-end beauty products that you wouldn’t normally purchase/try. Ok maybe some might purchase or try it, but a majority wouldn’t just because it is either too expensive to be splurging your money on an item you might/might not like or you have never heard of the brand. For me, it is definitely a combination of both.

So this company will send you around probably 5-10 sample sizes of different products ranging from haircare, skincare, make-up etc. so that if you like it enough, you can purchase a full-size bottle on their site. All you need to do is subscribe to them for USD10 monthly and you will receive a beautifully packaged box monthly. Termination of the subscription is easy and with no questions asked. So you can stop and start whenever you feel like it.

That is not what makes it attractive. What makes it attractive is that the sample sizes are HUGE, or substantial enough for you to have a good few weeks worth, which is almost like owning a full-size bottle. Some of us are bored easily by the same product, well this option gives you the flexibility without exactly putting a whole in your pocket. I thought this is heaven for beauty-lovers like myself.

Ok now back to the story…

Just recently I learnt that UK has now jumped on that bandwagon with a company called GlossyBox.Instead of 5-10 samples, they mainly concentrated on 5 high-end beauty products to start off with. And already the first box (in the month of May) they started off with has NARS illuminator in it, with a 30ml tube. That is a huge amount that usually retails at about £20 the very least. Like the BirchBox, you only need to pay  £10 monthly to get this amazing box monthly. There are already a flood of videos about it from UK YouTube make-up gurus about this company. Even the packaging is worth your penny;

I just hope and pray that something like this would come to Malaysia soon, as it is a brilliant idea. But until then, I’ll most definitely look into subscribing to this GlossyBox once I’m back in the UK  🙂

If you’re in the UK or US for that matter, why not have your own beauty in a box monthly?

Electric Face Brush

18 May

So about two days ago my dad brought this very familiar paperbag home from work;

…and inside is this heavenly gadget!

The Clarisonic Mia in lavender(with free samples!).

I’ve been wanting this gagdet for about 3 yrs now, and its finally here and its mine! My dad’s friend was over in the US so he helped me purchase this. As you know, Clarisonic has not blessed us with its presence here in Malaysia yet and in the UK it is so much more expensive.

The first thing I did was charge this for 24 hours. I had to contain my excitement for that amount of time so it was killing me. I think my family may have thought I was on the verge of madness.

Clarisonic Mia is the mini version and the cheapest out of the Clarisonic Classic and Plus. If you didn’t already know, this is a very raved about product that has won many beauty awards and recommended by many dermatologist. It doesn’t have any hidden marketing agenda as it is as simple as it works. It’s basically like a toothbrush for your face! So you use this with your daily cleanser, twice a day.

It cleans deep into your pores and makes them 2x cleaner than your average method. It was invented by the same people that invented the sonicare toothbrush system, therefore it uses the same concept; sonic movements of the brush with a frequency of 300 movements per second.It claims to unclog your pores and makes any skincare you use works better on your skin! You can read all about it here on their website or watch their advert;

I don’t usually splurge on expensive products for the sake of it, it isn’t a lifestyle. I tend to do a thorough research and a lot of ‘pros and cons’ lists before I decide to do so. I mean take this for example, it took me 3 years!

After watching hundreds of videos like this for the past years, wouldn’t you be tempted too? 🙂

Even Oprah raves about this product!

Apart from the Clarisonic, I also received 4 free Bobbi Brown samples courtesy of Bloomingdales. 2 packets of their hydrating eye cream and 2 small tubs of their new brightening gentle cleanser. I’ve yet to try they cleanser but so far I’ve been loving their eye cream! I will keep you posted on these two and see if I like it.

I’m so psyched about this product and be on the road to better skin! I will keep you updated on the result of using the Clarisonic, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Have a great day 🙂

How To…#4

17 May

How To Choose Make-Up Brushes for Foundations

This is just a brief (if I can afford to make it short :)) overview of several types of foundation brushes you’d need in your make-up kit. I’m not a professional make-up artist so I don’t own an extensive collection of make-up brushes, however I do like to invest in good brushes, which don’t necessarily come with a hefty price tag.

Foundation application is a tricky area as there are so many different tools/brushes you can use. It is very much based on preference more than anything.I will elaborate in each category (according to the types of brushes often used), the different brands available and the types of foundation that can be used with.

1. Flat Foundation Brush

The obvious approach is to use a foundation brush which is made out of synthetic bristles, explains why its a little stiff. A foundation brush is good, especially for an oil base foundation as it picks up product and slathers on quite well but I always find sometimes the application looks a bit streaky on my face. I do however use it from time to time, especially on occasions where I need a full coverage.

some high-end options : MAC 190 Brush, Sephora I.T. Foundation Brush (how gorgeous is that pink handle?), MakeUpForEver HD Brush (which is quite known to be good for giving you an even and airbrushed look)

source :



Cheaper alternatives: Sigma F60 Brush (very very comparable to the MAC 190 brush above, quality and size wise), E.l.f. Studio Line Angled Foundation Brush (such a good buy for its price and quality; angled brush helps to get into hard to reach places like the side of your nose etc. ), Crown Brush M10 Taklon Brush (a fav. brand by some makeup artists)




Use if for:

Liquid foundations, tinted moisturiser

2. Duo Fibre Brush (Stippling Brush)

My favourite type of brush so far, to use with most of my liquid foundations and tinted moisturisers has got to be stippling brushes. This is a staple brush in many beauty lovers’ collection, as it is very versatile. For those who are unaware for its use, I will try and explain as best as I can. A stippling brush has that “skunk” look to its bristles, be rest assured that the skunk title doesnt include the smell 🙂 It has white and black bristles; the white part is made out of synthetic hair and is mainly used to pick up the product, the black part is made out of natural hair usually goat hair and is mainly used to buff the product into your skin. The effect you get is absolutely beautiful, as it gives you the airbrushed look.

The idea behind the brush is, you pick up products like liquid or cream foundation in a stippling motion (dotting it onto the product) and you began to stipple it all over your face distributing it evenly (dotting it onto the skin). Next, began by buffing it into our skin, in a circular motion all over your face. This will achieve the most even look without feeling like you’re slathering on products.

The most common stippling brush is the MAC 187 brush (larger) and MAC 188 brush (smaller). But over the years many other versions from other companies have introduced this in their collection. I have the MAC 187 brush, it is expensive but worth every penny as I foresee abusing this for many years to come.


If you’re looking for something of a cheaper range but works almost just as well, try the Sigma F50 and F55 brushes. They are the dupe for MAC 187 and 188 brush but at more than half the price!


Other alternatives: E.l.f. Studio Line Stipple Brush, Sephora I.T. Stippling Brush



Use it for:

Liquid to cream foundations, powder foundations, tinted moisturisers

3. Egg-Shaped Sponge

I know this may sound bizarre unless of course you already know what I might be talking about. It is the very famous BeautyBlender sponge that everyone in the makeup world has been raving about. Sadly I have not jumped on this bandwagon just yet, I might be soon if they stock it up at Sephora in Malaysia.


This is a multi-purpose sponge that works 100% better than your regular sponge. It is supposed to double in size as soon as you wash it under a running tap and use it while it is slightly damp. It applies any liquid/cream based make-up (foundations or blushers) beautifully, without giving you any creases. As skeptical as this may sound, it achieves a different look altogether compared to using a brush. Apparently a more fresh and natural look.

The wider side of the sponge lets you roll on products onto your skin without giving an obvious streak line, and the pointed end lets you blend the product on any small and hard to reach places on your face (ie. the sides of your nose, under your eyes etc).Like any other sponges, there’s that annoying factor that you would have to wash it properly every single time after application as it might breed bacterias faster than normal brushes do.

Sephora has a dupe for the famous BeautyBlender brush called Sephora Precison Brush, it is not exactly that much cheaper and I’m not too sure if it is as good but you could try and check it out.


Use it for :

Liquid to cream foundations, tinted moisturisers

4. Kabuki Brush

This is a fully densed brush with a short cute handle. The small handle is made so that there is more control to the user during application. It is exceptionally good for buffing the product into the skin. This is my choice for mineral powder foundations as it will buff well into my skin without me looking ‘powder-y’.

If you prefer powder foundations, it is best to use a kabuki brush rather than a normal powder brush as the product will sit on the skin better when you buff it in. Thus, creating a longer lasting foundation.

There are so many good kabuki brushes out there, the key to look for one is to test it on the back of your hand. If it feels soft and not scratchy, chances are it will feel the same on your face. A good kabuki shouldn’t scratch your face, it should be soft enough for you to apply some force onto it when buffing.

Some good but expensive options: Bare Escentuals Kabuki Brush, NARS Botan Brush, MakeupForever HD Kabuki Brush.




Use it for:

Powder and mineral powder foundations

My mum uses the Sephora Retractable Kabuki Brush with her mineral powder foundation and she recommends it. It has a retractable casing so it is perfect for on-the-go touch ups!

Websites for these brushes:

That is all for my version of most used foundation brushes. However, there are of course a lot more options which I shall not cover. Please check out my Cleansing Your Tools post to find out how to take care of your brushes to make them last for another 10 years!

Also, check out my How To Buy A Foundation post to get some ideas on different kinds of foundations you might be interested in 🙂

Have a great Wesak Day (Vesakha) !


15 May

It was a very good start to my Sunday as I got an email from a blogshop reviewer saying that my jewellery line has been reviewed and featured on their site.

Thank you Fashion-Clicks!

Also a massive thank you to Your Shopping Kaki for recently linking my line to their site!

Please check these sites out for a wide scope of directory and helpful reviews on blogshops around Malaysia.

A close friend and also a blogger, Eda mentioned about HappyToasts in one of her posts which I think was so sweet of her. I’m a subscriber of her blog so I was stunned when I saw that she had mentioned me in her new “Favourite Fashion bloggers Friday” series. She talks about her daily life as a student in Scotland, good fashion finds and how she rocks these items in her daily outfit! She loves fashion as much as I do but is probably more daring at trying new things than I am 🙂 Have a read at it here.

I’m absolutely thankful for the support on my humble small scale business. Friends and family have been so encouraging. Alhamdulillah.

On a different note, I’ve made a small purchase over the weekend;

Not that impressive I know, bet you were expecting clothes and make-up, maybe even shoes! I’ve been good…and maybe a little broke hehe.

The book is the most exciting buy I must say. I love reading books every now and then, even as a kid, I was always too eager when my mum/dad would bring me to a bookstore. So when I heard that this writer particularly writes beautifully combining fiction and facts, I knew I’d have to grab this book the next time I’m at a bookstore.

I’m always fascinated by history and apparently the writer entangles her own fiction over a known history. She was the one who wrote “The Other Boleyn Girl” which was then made into the famous movie starring Natalie Portman.  In the book I’ve bought, it incorporates the famous history of the Princes in the Tower which were allegedly murdered but was never found. I know this will be a good read so you should get a copy too!

The Vichy Normaderm moisturiser was a repurchase item! I loved it so much and ran out of it, so I decided to repurchase this again as it was doing wonders to my skin! Same goes to the Burts Bees Acne Spot Treatment, 2nd purchase of the same product. I rarely repurchase item unless I know it does work for my skin!

So that’s all for now! I’m slightly under the weather so I shall curl up on my bed and read a book…and of course, rest! More writing will resume tomorrow!

p/s: I might be setting up an app-like icon for readers who are also iPad users. Just found out wordpress has that setting. So it is easier to keep updated with an icon on your homescreen. I still have not figured out how to do that yet but will let you know once I have 🙂

Have a good week!