Boudoir Prive

21 Sep

Sounds a little sexy doesn’t it? Or is that just me? I promise you I’m not reviewing a lingerie brand or my lingerie for that matter.

It does sound very sexy and very French.

Well the name might have swayed me into this impulse purchase of the day…nothing major, just another beauty in a box monthly subscription. I guess it is a little exciting for a beauty addict or I would personally call it beauty enthusiast like myself.

I have finally taken the plunge to be in a committed relationship with a monthly beauty in a box subscription. As of now at least, we shall see in due time how this relationship varies with my long-term expectations.

Click on the picture to learn more about this company and their concept

Like GlossyBox and BirchBox, this is too another brand jumping on the bandwagon that is currently taking the beauty world by storm, their selling point would be, you’d never have to be stuck in a beauty rut as new and exciting products will be knocking on your doorstep every month, waiting for you to give it a home. I am very dramatic like that.

Since my last post about GlossyBox, there were so many times I was so close to purchasing the subscription for it…even if it is for their box! I am such a sucker for nice packaging! But I was always torn between the mixed reviews everyone on the youtube and blogging world has been giving. Some boxes are good and some are not even worth the £10.

I think I was caught off guard yesterday as I didn’t run a thorough research on Boudoir Prive as I normally would with ANY brands or products, the next thing I knew I was pressing the “Confirm Payment” button. I do however am looking forward to receiving my first box in October. The great thing is the “free and cancel anytime” policy. So if I’m feeling a little short on money in my account, I could always terminate my subscription.

One of the main reasons why I think I would love a this company is that the sample items they will be supplying are mainly products you would have never ever heard off, and probably not even exposed to. I like the feeling of finding something new or something less mainstream but works like a charm.

I shall be doing a full review on the items in the box itself, the shipping and the packaging. That will all be in October unfortunately. Until then, this unboxing of the Bourdoir Prive box might help give some insight on what it is all about;

On another note, I would like to thank a dear beauty blogging friend/beauty guru, Holly from YummyMummyBeautyBlog for doing a review and an intro on my jewellery line. She ordered 4 pieces and all of them look great on her! She is absolutely stunning and as describe by her blog name a yummy mummy. I’ve always find her reviews very very helpful! Thanks again Holly!

Have a lovely day!


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