Sunday Blurb

21 Aug

Since I wasn’t very “active” with my blog for the last month, thought I’d share a little beauty haul accumulated over the past 2 months or so..

I know I’ve been good…a little over a year ago that amount would have probably quadrupled!

The first obvious item would be the infamous NAKED palette that was gifted to me by a sweet friend, Yanti 🙂 She just gave it to me for free because she had two and she knows how much I wanted it! I’ve been using it every day, it is such a perfect kit for those who loves browns and neutrals!

The selection of colours will take you from day to night, from work to a date. It is so versatile and useful that I usually just throw this palette in my makeup bag when I’m traveling and bring no other eyeshadows.

Is it worth getting one? Ohhhh yesssssaaa-reee!

I would actually buy this again if I ever run out of it, no joke!

I wouldn’t go into details of each item as most of them would be in my August Favourite post, which would be up in this coming week! I would review the items in that post.

Stay tuned for that!

Have a lovely week!



One Response to “Sunday Blurb”

  1. Fahmida August 28, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    Hey! Great blog, and beautiful jewellery! 😀 x

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