Wall Me Up

16 Aug

About a month ago a company contacted me about possibly doing a review on their products, something that they thought my readers would like. I was very flattered to be offered this. It took awhile before I could reply, mainly because I had a think about the offer and also because I was so busy with other things (moving,grad etc)

I finally said yes and they offered to send me a gift which also serves as the product I was supposed to be reviewing.

Just to clear the air, I know this is somewhat of a sponsored post, although my reviews and opinions are not in any way influenced by the gesture of the company sending me a gift. I believe in giving my honest opinion about any product whether it was purchased or given.

So I received this package within two days of accepting the offer, if that is not good service I dont know what is. The postman turned up at my door with this HUGE package at like 10.00am on a Saturday morning, which was not my best morning moment may I add. I’m not a morning person, especially not good at answering the door in my PJs, messed up hair and squinted eyes! Not a good look.

Prior to getting this canvas print, I was asked to provide a picture I would like to be printed on the canvas and I thought it would be nice to have my jewellery collection pieces collaged and blown up, so that I could put it up on the wall near my work table. Almost like a present to myself to recognize the line I have created.

So this was the picture I sent over and…..Voila!

(the plastic packaging is still intact)

Overall, I think the picture is spot-on! It is not stretched out and the picture itself is vibrant. But as I look closely towards the left of the picture, it has this shadow cast over the details of the chains. I cant explain it but it is very minor and possibly won’t have the same effect over a standard potrait picture. The nature of my picture is very detail oriented to the texture of the chain so if you’re looking to have a similar style of picture printed out, it is good to bear in mind these things.Potrait pictures are not so detailed oriented that it wouldn’t have the same effect as what I am seeing.

Either way, once it is hung up, those things are not at all visible. All you get is a nice picture and I am very much in love with this printing.

If you’re looking into personalising anything from mugs to pillow to even a jewellery box! have a look at their website BagsOfLove as they do a lot more than just canvas printing. You can even have your own bespoke pillow case! Not everyone wants their picture on a pillow, I know but think outside of the box here….if you see a picture of Eiffel Tower or you personally took it yourself on a holiday and thought it would be a great print on a duvet cover, then this is your chance to do that! (yes they do duvet covers too!)

Hope that would help you in your next gift idea!

Have a great week!


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