Home Bound

14 Aug

As the title stated I’m currently home bound and it has been that way since the start of the week, all thanks to our passionate troublesome rioters who find the need to burn places and causing such a chaos that prevents people from leaving their houses and companies to run a decent business.

Every day it seems to get worse and worse and just last thursday I was awoken by a text from my mum who so thoughtfully forwarded a link to a news article stating that now the area I’m living in is now affected by the rioters. Apparently polices are due to be stationed along the main road. The flat/apartment I’m living in is quite secluded from the main street so even if there is chaos I wouldn’t be able to hear. There is a good and bad in that. The good being I can have a peacefu day. The bad in that is if something were to happen, I can only rely to the internet news to be updated. It’s not that I can run away from it all, this flat is pretty much where I’m contained, for now.

Been skyping to a few friends and I think they felt pretty sorry for me since I cant go anywhere which means my day-to-day activity is just ranging from laundry to cleaning to skyping. How fun! I have probably abused the right to wash now. No one washes that frequent!

I do hope the riots will die down soon as I am not looking forward to spending Eid alone, doing laundry. It’s hard enough not being able to see friends and hang out, but to spend Eid feeling rather scared is just too much. I think my mum would want me home for Eid, but with everything that is happening I’m even terrified I won’t make it to Heathrow wihtout being involved in some sort of commotion! (ok maybe that part was exaggerated)

Now on to happier things, some pictures from my trip to Stockholm as promised 🙂

A floating petrol station – how cool!

Have a good week! Stay safe!


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