Back In A Flash!

6 Aug

wellllll not really, I know…

I think another two days and it will be a month since I last posted something on this beloved blog of mine. It is not due to negligence, I promise. I shall explain what have I been up to for the past weeks that have hindered me (in one way or another) from writing and went on hiatus.

The lists of events that have occurred/happened/took place based on self-planning (just to make sure I cover all grounds hehe..), in no particular order at all :

– moved

-graduation ceremony

-family holiday

-no internet

Now, that might seem like a lame excuse someone have probably used, so to further convince you that I have not, in any way shape or form neglected you based on laziness, I have pictures to prove….AHA! (I just added that bit for pure pleasure)

But I don’t think I can fit all of the pics of the events stated on one post so I shall distribute the stories into a few posts as well as I could, cross fingers.

So yes…I’ve moved to








I left KL about 3 weeks ago actually, I didn’t take any pics of how chaotic the last few days in KL was. If only you could see how many boxes of Milo Sejuk  I stuffed in my bag. Safe to say, coming to London is just like going back home to Malaysia, food wise at least. Environment, never.

I am now currently residing in London on my own until my good friend and future housemate, Yuns comes over in Sept and then the fun begins 🙂 Until then, I shall just stare at the wall or something. It’s ok, I’ll manage.

Moving day wasn’t fun at all.

Apparently that sight isn’t normal.

Don’t people pack their things in IKEA bags? Boxes are so tedious! Ikea bags have handles for easy carrying 🙂

So part of the reason why I haven’t written is also because there is no broadband at the new place. I will try and set one up as soon as I can and hopefully things will be back to before again! Until then I will find places with free wifi, which is what I am currently doing right now!

A friend (and much like a sister to me) Eda or better known as Edaburgh in the blogging world, helped me unpack and settle in. If you check out her fashion blog, she does all this OOTD or short for Outfit Of The Day posts where she showcases how her personal style is for that particular day and lists out what she’s wearing.

I had a little fun of my own. This is what I call as the “Blogger Pose”, because a lot of fashion bloggers seem to do this pose I noticed!

Trousers: Zara
Shoes: ASOS
Bag: Balenciaga part-time

Yes, probably not a pretty sight as I have not mastered this pose yet haha.

I might actually start doing this in some of my posts, we shall see. I do live by myself like I said and I think if I start whipping out a tripod in the middle of the street, I would probably get questionable looks from passersby.

A few days after moving in, my family flew in from Malaysia for my graduation ceremony and also for a short mini break to Stockholm. My mum has always wanted to see a Scandinavian country and all its amazing advanced technology.That story I should probably keep for another post.

Hope this was a nice surprise ie. a new post.

To all Muslims, have a good Ramadhan! Fasting from here is no joke, sunset at 8.40pm people!!

p/s: I am still actively involved in my jewellery line. I ship them worldwide so to my Malaysian customers, please do take note that sale activities are as usual. Transit time is of course a little longer than before.


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