Do It For Less #2

30 Jun

Turban Troubles


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I’ve been loving this style of a headband but sometimes it costs too much to be buying them in every colour just so I could be spotted in different colours with different outfits (so greedy!). So recently I was raiding my mum’s closet (…as you do on a casual Sunday) and found her beautiful scarves that she has tucked away untouched. I thought I should show them some human love, bring them back to its glory.

So here is my version of a turban headband, in step-by-step…

1. Get any small square scarf you could find, preferably the one with a really pretty print

2. Fold the scarf into a triangle shape by joining opposite ends of the scarf together. Then fold the top half of the triangle into a small long strip, like so.

3. Keep fold the scarf  towards the pointed end of the triangle until you get something like a long strip of scarf.


4. Bring the scarf at the nape of your neck, like how I did in the picture.

Disclaimer: I tied my hair in a bun to show the process with ease, you can do the same technique with any hairstyle you choose (letting go of your hair, messy up-do etc)

5. Cross the two ends of the scarf at the top of your head (try and make sure its centre)

6. Then cross it again (basically switching the ends of the scarf between hands and doing it twice).

7. Then bring the two ends to the nape of your neck and tie two knots, to keep it secure.

8. Tuck the remaining ends under the scarf, like so

Now you can rock this style, without going the extra mile to buy new headbands just to rock this trend. This is my version of recycling fashion pieces 🙂 The best part is, you won’t get someone wearing the same headband as you.


Have a try!


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