Day In A Life…

17 Jun

About a week ago, last Saturday to be exact (yes it has taken me a week to write this…:)) a friend’s sister got engaged and close friends and family were invited. It was an intimate affair at her house and I was honoured to be part of it. More honoured that her sister wanted me to do her engagement make-up.

She trusted ME ..that was rather surreal, both good and bad. Bad in a way that if it all goes bad, it will show in pictures and she would have to live with it all her life….the day she looks like a panda on her engagement day thanks to ME.

Fuuishh that is a huge burden.

Anyways, considering I’m still alive and writing this publicly shows that, that obviously didn’t happen and it turned out good I must say. It went on smoothly and I was satisfied with my work for the day.

Sorry for the quality of this picture, I took it with my phone hence the fuzzy bad quality. I had my camera but I don’t know why I took some pics with my phone and some with camera. I wish I can explain my weird behaviour but I cant so yes we’re just left with…weird.

This was a candid shot taken while we were all getting ready. This was the only clear shot I have of her make-up. I did a simple smokey eye make-up using a bit of bronze and black. She doesn’t wear make-up often so she wanted it to look as natural as possible. Instead of a blusher I opted for a more sculpted bronze-y look, so that the eyes would demand more attention. I even kept her eyebrows really natural and soft, just filing it a bit here and there, not too much.

She really loved the make-up so I was content 🙂

I was wearing Le Sensible necklace from my jewellery line.

Apart from helping her get ready, I also fitted in some time to help my friends touch-up their make-up. A few swipes of mascara here, a dash of eyeshadow there. After all that, I didn’t manage to do mine so I made do with my half-melted make-up from midday. The ceremony was at night so mind you, I was looking rather dishevelled by the end of it all. Not that it matters, it wasn’t my day to shine so I was really happy the bride-to-be was all glowing and gorgeous.

The bride-to-be’s top is from MimpiKita. I love that top, it’s so simple and pretty! Her scarf/selendang/shawl was sewn by her sister aka my friend Shazzy (right). We were all impressed! She did such a great job!

Now on to some camwhoring for the night;

I asked for a “hungry” face and this is what came out. Imagine if I were to ask for “starving”…

And of course after every shot , we do what every camwhore artist does best…we squeeze in tight and decide

..such a big decision, can u tell from my friend’s intense gaze?

All in all, it was a very sweet and succesful event and I was very happy to be a part of a joyous union between the two lovebirds. Congrats to the bride-to-be, may the wedding be even more magical 🙂


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