How To…#6

6 Jun

How To Choose Blush Colour

I was having brunch with the girls the other day and one of them brought up about blushes, how there are so many shades out there but which shade would look right on her skin. So here I am, dedicating this post to Jess 🙂

To make it less confusing, I shall separate this into 3 sections; techniques, types and skin-tones.


Here are some simple techniques I’ve read about on how to find the closest colour that matches your natural skintone when you flush.

1. Pinch your cheeks and wait for a few minutes. The rush of blood to your cheeks will give you the range of hue you should opt for. That particular shade will be the most natural looking shade on your skin.

2. Look in the mirror after you have done some exercising, an hour’s worth of aerobics or any strenuous activity . Same as before, the natural flush to your cheeks will determine your right shade.

3. The effect your cheeks get after you’ve been out in the cold could also help you determine your right blush colour.


1. Powder blush

This is commonly used and is great for all skin types but exceptionally helpful if you’re someone with oily skin as it stays on your face for longer.

I personally recommend matte powder blushes as nothing is natural-looking about shimmery blushes. It accentuates your pores and spots. If you’re interested in a sheen or glowy look to your face, I would suggest applying highlighter to areas you want a glow rather than getting a blush with shimmer in it.


2. Cream blush

This type of blush is suitable for dry to combination skin, it wouldn’t be so helpful for oily skin as it will melt off easily. Cream blushes are dense but when blended in well, it is not as opaque and lets your skin show through. Applying cream blushes will give you a more dewy and healthy look to your face, almost like you just went to the gym.

Since it is a cream formulation, it is best to apply using your fingers or opt for MAC 188 brush which works well with cream products.

If you use loose powder or powder foundation on your face, it is not advisable to use cream blushes as it might create clumping. Powder base with powder blushes, cream/liquid/mousse base with cream blushes. So the mantra is, dry with dry and wet with wet 🙂

3. Tint/Gel blush

This is a tricky type of blush as it dries pretty quickly so you have to be very fast at blending it so it doesn’t look streaky. But once it is set on your face, it won’t budge or melt until you wash it off. It creates a staining effect which will also give your cheeks a natural flush.



There are 3 categorisation of skintones; fair, medium and dark/deep. To further analyse, I will also include undertones; cool and warm.

*To check which undertone you are, check the inside part of your wrist. Which vein shows up more, blue or green? Blue = cool, green = warm.Another way is to check which jewellery shows up better on your skin, silver/platinum or gold? Which makes your skin appear more radiant? Silver =cool, gold = warm

1. Fair + cool

Pastel or baby pink, light beige, soft rose and crimson for more intensity

2. Fair + warm

Light peach with hues of pink and hot pink for more intensity

3. Medium + cool

Light raspberry, mauve pink, rosy pink, terracotta and crimson for more intensity

4. Medium + warm

Coral with brown hues, warm red and hot pink for more intensity

5. Dark/Deep + cool

Plum, dark raspberry, wine, red with blue hues

6. Dark/Deep + warm

Deep coral, anything with a bronze brown hues and warm red.


The best application is by applying the highest concentration of colour just outside the fattest part of your cheeks, not directly under the eyes. That being said, don’t keep the part of cheeks under the eyes completely colour-free, blend in the colour slowly onto that area but very faintly, creating as though you are glowing with colour from within. This will avoid the “too much blush” look.

I hope this is rather helpful 🙂


One Response to “How To…#6”

  1. jessica johan June 16, 2011 at 11:50 pm #

    Awhhhh… your post is dedicated to me! Thanks yo. So from this post i found out i should get myself a coral with brown hues coloured cream blush. hehe.

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