Electric Face Brush

18 May

So about two days ago my dad brought this very familiar paperbag home from work;

…and inside is this heavenly gadget!

The Clarisonic Mia in lavender(with free samples!).

I’ve been wanting this gagdet for about 3 yrs now, and its finally here and its mine! My dad’s friend was over in the US so he helped me purchase this. As you know, Clarisonic has not blessed us with its presence here in Malaysia yet and in the UK it is so much more expensive.

The first thing I did was charge this for 24 hours. I had to contain my excitement for that amount of time so it was killing me. I think my family may have thought I was on the verge of madness.

Clarisonic Mia is the mini version and the cheapest out of the Clarisonic Classic and Plus. If you didn’t already know, this is a very raved about product that has won many beauty awards and recommended by many dermatologist. It doesn’t have any hidden marketing agenda as it is as simple as it works. It’s basically like a toothbrush for your face! So you use this with your daily cleanser, twice a day.

It cleans deep into your pores and makes them 2x cleaner than your average method. It was invented by the same people that invented the sonicare toothbrush system, therefore it uses the same concept; sonic movements of the brush with a frequency of 300 movements per second.It claims to unclog your pores and makes any skincare you use works better on your skin! You can read all about it here on their website or watch their advert;

I don’t usually splurge on expensive products for the sake of it, it isn’t a lifestyle. I tend to do a thorough research and a lot of ‘pros and cons’ lists before I decide to do so. I mean take this for example, it took me 3 years!

After watching hundreds of videos like this for the past years, wouldn’t you be tempted too? 🙂

Even Oprah raves about this product!

Apart from the Clarisonic, I also received 4 free Bobbi Brown samples courtesy of Bloomingdales. 2 packets of their hydrating eye cream and 2 small tubs of their new brightening gentle cleanser. I’ve yet to try they cleanser but so far I’ve been loving their eye cream! I will keep you posted on these two and see if I like it.

I’m so psyched about this product and be on the road to better skin! I will keep you updated on the result of using the Clarisonic, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Have a great day 🙂


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