11 May

This post is dedicated and inspired by my two friends who love hair tutorials. We were having lunch today and I found out both of them love to learn new and exciting ideas for an up-do.

I’ve always loved a romantic/boho feel to a hairstyle. That’s why my curling tong and heat rollers are my BFFs. GHD straighteners can step aside!

My friends who have known me for years would tell you a reoccurring hairstyle that I’ve probably used time and time again, maybe even abuse is the big wavy curls. That’s my go-to hairstyle when my hair fails me and let’s be honest, that would probably be 95% of the time. I rarely wear my hair straight, unless I’ve just had my haircut and I think my ends are behaving well enough not to be curled. Apart from that, I just love the sexy and romantic feel curls can give.

Not trying to be mundane and dull, I’d try and search for different ways to wear my hair while keeping the romantic/boho feel I love so much. My hair inspirations come from several celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Olivia Palermo, Nicole Richie and Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf. They often oozes the romance, sexy, lady-like and delicate vibe with their hair (who knew hair could give me so many vibes hehe).

So if you feel the need to change it up once in awhile, rather than always wearing your hair down or a boring ponytail to work/school or even out, then check these impressive tutorials! I’m not an expert myself so I shall leave it to these ladies to wow you with their techniques.

You can work this hairstyle to work/school or even on a lazy Sunday. This hairstyle is so simple and chic, takes a twist on a simple ponytail! For a more romantic look, stick a small flower into one of those crisscross.

This is a close to perfect tutorial for Nicole Richie’s hairstyle. Such a boho look, would look great with a simple maxi dress!

I’ve had so many compliments when I wore this hairstyle! Try it on a bad hair day, you’d be surprised at how good you feel afterwards.

Now, this is one of my favourite hairstyles from 2010 that could be worn in S/S 11 too, in my opinion! The infamous fishtail braid made famous by the Alexander Wang runway show. You could choose to wear it tighter and chic or loose and messy. The technique looks hard but it takes a lot of practice! In my first try I was struggling but now I could fishtail braid as well as I could do normal braids.

For a tighter version;

For a more loose, messy version;

These hairstyles are perfect for summer!It’s best when the hair is on its 2nd day unwashed, slightly dirty oily hair holds a style better.

Hope this helps 🙂


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