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9 May

How To Make Eyes Bigger and Brighter

I’m absolutely obsessed with my eyes apart from other features on my face, obsessed as in not in an obnoxious way. I always concentrate more on my eyes, in making them more noticeable or more awake etc. This probably stems from having small eyes, or commonly known as “asian eyes”. Obviously you don’t need to have this as a criteria in order to rock this how-to. Each opinion is to their own, so if you think you want your eyes to appear larger, even if they already are then I hope this post will give you helpful tips in doing so.

When I say “make eyes bigger” it should probably come with a disclaimer that this is not a plastic surgery related post 🙂 I am merely stating any tips I’ve read or heard or once was told to me on how to make my eyes appear bigger or essentially more awake. On days that our eyes are more asleep than we are, or when our eyes have puffed up like no other, a few make-up tricks will make you look like you’re so energetic and ready to go!


1. Apply concealer/highlighter under the eyes

A little bit of effort in this department really does go a long way. You will notice instant results, provided you picked the right product. The idea is to brighten that part of your face to reduce any puffiness or dark circles under the eyes. Some people do overdo this technique as they would over apply the product or not blending the product enough around the area or even just picking an overly shimmering highlighter.

Tip: Get a highlighter/under-eye concealer that is about two shades lighter than your skin colour.

Don’t misunderstand this as thinking the concealer used to cover your blemishes is the same one I’m talking about here(yes it is so tedious, there are too many different kinds hehe). Mainly because you can’t use a concealer that is two shades lighter on your blemishes, you have to use a shade that is closest to your skin. Preferably it is easier if the under-eye concealer is of a more liquid form as it makes it easier to blend. The thicker consistency tends to sit on your skin more and makes it unappealing for people with small lines, or wrinkles in that area.

An excellent and highly raved product is YSL Touche Eclat, but of course this product comes with the hefty pricetag! There are always a more affordable range elsewhere and more importantly, one that suits you best! My personal favourite is the MAC select cover up concealer. This is typically not used as an under-eye concealer but because it was the right consistency and shade, I tried it on my under-eye and it has worked wonders (so far). Goes to show that, not everything that is advertised or raved about in magazines would be the only ones to go for. All you need to do is the next time you’re out shopping, just try some products and see what works best for your face and your pocket 🙂

Something to try: Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2-in-1 Tinted Eye Roll-On. I heard its cheap and good! Will definitely put this on my shopping list.

2. White it out

Apply a white eyeliner on your lower waterline (the flesh coloured part where your eye lashes root from). This technique is also called tightlining. So by tightlining using a white eyeliner, you will create an illusion of bigger eyes as it extends the white part of your eyes. This will also make your eyes a little more awake than usual.

I know by applying an eyeliner on your waterline will not make it stay for very long as our eyes water from time to time, so there is no other way than just reapplying it now and again.


Just how Adriana Lima has it on her waterline!

3. Curl ’em lashes!

The best way is obviously to curl those lashes! This will instantly open up your eyes! I find that not all curling tools are amazing and have tried a few myself. The best so far for my liking is the Shu Uemura Curlers as it does curl your lashes without damaging them!

Tip: To help make your eyelashes curl for longer,blast the curlers under a hairdryer before using it but make sure it is not too hot to use it on your lashes.

4. A good mascara coat on you TOP eyelashes only!

Now this is very debatable as some people say by applying mascara to top and bottom lashes does draw  attention to the eyes and shape them better. But most professional make-up artists have said that by doing so it will make your eyes smaller and not bigger.

I think personally I find that applying mascara only to the top lashes does open up my eyes, giving them a more focused feel (if that makes sense) and defines them better. No doubt by applying a good several coats of mascara to top and bottom lashes draws attention to your eyes but it will be a dramatic, sexy look which of course there is nothing wrong. However, in this context of making you look more fresh, awake and brighter, it is always advisable to just apply on your top lashes.

Tip: Lengthening mascaras help more than voluminising mascaras.

My personal favourites since a few years ago have been the Make Up Forever Lengthening Mascara and Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. I loved the Lancome Hypnose Mascara until I found the other two mascaras that could work just as well but at a fraction of the price!

5. White shadows at tearduct area

Ok this is probably the oldest trick in the book, to apply a white-ish or champagne pink eyeshadow to your tearduct area (the inner corners of your eyes). You will see a lot of celebrity make-up artists use it in any fashion magazines; those shimmery points on the inner corners of the model/celebrity’s eyes are essentially to open up the eyes and draws attention to it!

It doesn’t have to be an eyeshadow, I personally like to use eyebright by Benefit for my inner corners. It is a pale pink colour with very minimal shimmer so it gives a more natural look.

6. Eyeliner

Same as the mascara, this is only advisable to do it on your upper lashline as the trick works the same way. By applying on your top and lower lashline, it will create a different look altogether. This trick works for liquid, pencil or gel eyeliners; whichever you fancy more 🙂 Just apply it thinner on the inner corners and gradually making it slightly thicker towards the outer corners and wing it out a little bit, much like a cat’s eyes.

Something to try: It is a known trick on the eyes that by applying any blue tint of colour will make the whites of your eyes appear whiter which obviously results in your eyes looking brighter! Apply a navy eyeliner instead of your usual black to make your eyes appear brighter!


There are other tricks in make-up to make your eyes appear bigger, but that consists of applying eyeshadows on your lids and the different kinds of contouring to get that effect. I will do that on a later day as it is more elaborate than these simple steps which can be done on the go! Not all tips have to be done together, you can take whichever you like and try it out. Also, you can mix these tips with your existing daily routine of make-up to achieve the best option.

Try it out today and see how much more awake and fresh you look!

Have a good week!


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