Pastel Inspired

6 May

I was inspired by this pastel nail polish collection by Orly. Don’t they look so yummy? Makes me think of ice-cream and macaroons! Mmmm.

I absolutely love this pastel trend! Besides the infamous colour blocking trend, this too has flood the runways. It gives a more romantic feel for summer! I started playing with polyvore and this is my pastel inspired outfit put-together;

pastel trend
sources:, polyvore

All items are from Topshop. It was intentional, as I thought at least these items are accessible to people in Malaysia (if anything catches your eyes :))

I find a lot of people are afraid to play up with colour which result in some outfit looking too “matchy-matchy”. Obviously fashion is subjective, what I perceive is pretty might not be acceptable to you. However, there shouldn’t be a limit to the colour we are allowed to put-together.

From the nail polish picture, it is apparent that those pastel colour could work well together if you find something that could tie them altogether, in this case the pretty floral shorts! I chose a simple cream top to keep at least one thing neutral, since the shorts has prints on it. The mint green clutch and lavender coloured flats brings out the colours in the shorts really well! The ring just adds a pop of colour with its vbrant purple stone!

Suitable for a girly lunch or a relaxed date 🙂


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