What’s Your Pick For Momma?

5 May

Mothers’ Day in Malaysia is coming up (I know it’s not the same as other countries, as UK celebrated a month ago), so have you decided what you’re doing for the woman that gave you life? 🙂

It’s always so hard to get something for my mum because she tends to say “oh I don’t need that” or “don’t waste your money”, but sometimes it feels weird not trying to at least get/do something. I’m sure some of you face this problem too. It was so much easier when we were kids because we tend to come up with the simplest ideas which tends to be the sweetest. I remember once I sang the Boys2men song called “Mama” (I think) and she cried. Don’t think I can do that now, she’d probably cover her ears. Hehe.

For 3  years I haven’t been home for Mothers’ Day so for that amount of years she’s been getting cards through the mail. Sometimes even 1 week later than the actual day, thanks to our excellent post system! This year, I thought of a typical mother-daughter day, nothing out of the ordinary i know. Take her for some spa session and a meal maybe. Also, I got her a book which would be a good read, I know she’ll love this!

If you’re thinking of doing the same, or hadn’t thought of what to get (or is panicking now because you just realised mothers’ day is this sunday hehe), you should check out these few websites that are instantly becoming everyone’s go-to spot for amazing deals!

Websites like MyDeal, Groupon, Milkadeal and Dealmates offer amazing deals like spa treatments, meal deals from well-known restaurants, car washing services, dessert deals etc. I’ve bought several vouchers using websites like these and have been satisfied with all my purchases. In fact, I bought my ASOS voucher in my previous post from a UK site of Groupon.

Some deals that would be amazing for Mothers’ Day, be it as a gift or something to do together;

I love mani+pedi and to get this whole package with that pricetag is just icing on the cake! Some basic manicures are not even that cheap! This could be an idea for you and your mum to do together and have a little bonding session, talk and gossip while getting your hands and feet all pretty 🙂 Redemption date starts on Mothers’ Day itself so it’d be a perfect treat!

This deal could be a form of a gift voucher for you mum as the redemption doesn’t start until the 10th of May. So, she can book an appointment whenever she feels like she needs a little “perk-me-up” session.

This is my fav so far just because it caters for two! So it definitely is a good choice for you and your mum to pamper yourselves. The only downside is the redemption date is from 10th of May onwards, so you can’t exactly enjoy this on Mothers’ Day per se. My mum always say everyday should be mothers’ day 🙂 So I guess it really doesn’t matter when you redeem this, you can always dedicate a day where both of you can enjoy each other’s company while getting an amazing full body massage

My mum wears hijab/head scarf so I don’t think she’d enjoy this very much but if you think your mum would, this would be something different to give 🙂 Sometimes our mothers are too busy to make an appointment for a new haircut, so maybe you should do it for her and surprise her 🙂

If all else fails, a bouquet of flowers never disappoints. Or it could be something to start off with for the day, followed by a luncheon after 🙂  They only do free delivery to selected areas, if I’m not mistaken mostly Damansara and PJ areas. There is a small fee if you want them to deliver to any other areas.

I’m thinking of buying this deal just because I love steak and I love San Fran Steakhouse! You get a choice of meals for each course to choose from. It is sadly redeemable on the 15th of May onwards.

Check those websites soon, some only have a short amount of time before the deals run out! (this is not a sponsored post)

A friend once said, my love for my mum shouldn’t be measured by the events on the designated Mothers’ Day. I think that is so true however I think that sometimes people like to be reminded of how much they mean to us, be it in any special day. Never hurts to pamper a woman 🙂

So what’s your pick for YOUR momma?

(images sources: MyDeal, Groupon, Milkadeal, Dealmates)

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