Masking It : An Update

28 Apr

A few posts ago I mentioned that I was going to try out a new cult product, it has vastly becoming a favourite amongst beauty lovers. It is a Taiwanese brand called My Beauty Diary. They offer a wide selection of sheet masks; claiming that their whitening/brightening range is their #1 bestseller.

I bought a tester pack consisting of 8 different types of sheet mask in their whitening/brightening range. So you can understand how long it would take for me to try all of them, in fact I still have 2 left! But I thought I’ll give you a heads up so you know what to avoid and what to consider meanwhile.

Let’s start with what I dislike;

The first is Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask

Brilliant complexion, alleviating, refreshing and whitening for fatigue and darkening skin.

The 2nd is Q10 Rejuvenating Mask

Rejuvenates skin with soft, whiten and firm look. Nourishing, soothing, firming, for use on normal skin, especially recommended for aging skin lacking elasticity

The 3rd is Red Wine Mask

Anti-oxidant; clears up free radicals toning; promotes micro-metabolism for use on normal skin; especially recommended for sagged and dull one.
The 4th is Sake Yeast Mask (no picture)

Offers a whiten, bright, translucent and flawless look. Moisturising, smoothing, firming for use on normal skin.

From the description, it’s not surprising to be a little skeptical about these products. I feel as though they aim higher with words than they do with the result. Bear in mind, I am not saying they did not deliver 100%, the only reason I dislike them is because they do not offer me anything amazing that would make me want to repurchase this.

Almost all of these masks gave me an itchy sensation to my face while using them. There was one instant effect you get with all their masks and that is instantly whiten face. You see that immediately after taking off any of their brightening masks. The downside is, it only lasts until the next day.

I’m not too sure if these masks would eventually improve your skin with their claims, but since using it, I haven’t seen any long-run improvements. What I can say is that, their masks offer an amazing “pick-me-up” after a long day at work or a great tool before heading out for a special occasion as it just lifts up your complexion.

The 4 masks I mentioned above offer the same instant result in terms of brightening your face. Everyone’s skin varies, but to me these 4 masks were not the best out of the 8 I’m trying. So far my favourites are the Black Pearl Mask and the Pearl Powder Mask. I shall do a review on that as soon as I have tried another remaining 2 masks.

Something to keep in mind : if you’re not a big fan of beauty products with smells, then maybe this brand isn’t something to consider. All of their masks have a distinctive smell (based on what products they use). The Sake Mask smells absolutely horrendous but not all of their masks are like this. The Japanese Blossom Mask for example, has a nice flowery scent!

I hope this short review helps with choosing  which mask to try out/not to try out from their range 🙂


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