New Project

27 Apr

Recently I’ve been occupying myself with this new and exciting project that I’m going to share with you. It has taken me awhile to write this as I’m a little paranoid with how people might perceive it. But like the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, what I can only do is not afraid to share mine.

I think it has been 2 months now that I’ve started making and designing my own jewellery. I promise you its not as fancy as it sounds. My designs are simple and wearable with a few unique pieces. I have made in total 10 different items, but I shall share 2 of them for now.

The stone used is Jasper Natural Stone, it has a unique colour, I think the pictures are not doing this stone justice! It is a dusky pink colour with little specs of light green. I would say the 2nd pic is the closest to the true colour. The little pearls are actually freshwater pearls. I made everything from scratch, excluding the drilling of the holes for the stone. Apart from that, the connecting, cutting, wiring are all handmade!

Styling : Would look great with a light-weight collared shirt; unbutton the first few buttons to show off this unique piece.

Turquoise has always been one of my favourite colours for jewellery, especially during summer. The shiny gold colour of the chain brings out the matte turquoise colour really well. The beads are all natural stones. It is a wrap-around bracelet, so you can make it into a necklace too since the length is long enough.

Styling: Turquoise and gold go well with cream/white/off-white clothes. Wear this with a simple cream blouse and jeans for daytime casual in the sun.

I do sell a few of my pieces to close friends and family. I have not expanded this business yet as I am new to it, but it is a dream of mine to move this business forward eventually 🙂 All of my pieces are made-to-order.

I may show a few more pieces in the future but for now, here is a sneak peek…

Disclaimer : The crystals used are real Swarovski Crystals


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