Online Ice-Cream?

26 Apr

If you are as surprised/shocked/bewildered as I was, then you have to read this post!






When my friend told me there is a site where you can purchase homemade ice creams from, I think part of me wanted to laugh to that idea. I mean if you were to start a business like that, there is a HUGE risk that it probably wouldn’t pull-through very well. Mostly because there is a huge time pressure/constraint involved in dealing with ice creams,seeing as they melt very easily. Even buying ice-cream through McDonalds Delivery is a joke, even if it takes them less than 10 minutes I always get my McFlurry half-melted.

And as always, I’m proven wrong!

I checked out their website to see how this goes down. It’s called The Last Polka.

Website :

So the first thing you see is what this site is all about.

“If you’re looking for great tasting homemade ice cream in Kuala Lumpur, you’ve come to the right place. Made with 100% natural ingredients, we combine our creamy French-style ice cream with the regional Asian flavours we love.”

So basically all you need to do is pick one of the interesting flavours they offer and they will make it fresh for you. Then pick one of the two spots they have provided to pick it up.

And here I thought it will be delivered to my doorstep!

They have a fb page too. On there it states that they stock their ice creams at a few shops;  Marmalade and The Bee. I went to Marmalade recently, I didn’t know that this! If not I would have ordered an ice cream!

Just recently they opened a small shop of their own at the new Taylors Campus (I used to go to Taylors! If only they had it then!). Obviously there is always the option of purchasing it online, but you’ll have to pick it up yourself. That is definitely a downside for me as I don’t drive anymore.

It is a new concept though, at least I think so since I’ve never heard of anywhere/anyone that has done this. The flavours they offer are pretty unique. I’m especially drawn to this;

French Toast Malaysians most likely wake up craving nasi lemak for breakfast, but on other days there’s no shaking off a sweet tooth. So we made this flavour just for you. Cinnamon, eggs, bread and syrup, all in a single scoop — truly the breakfast of champions.

it could either go really well or really really wrong! But you have to admit, pretty impressive idea!

I do wish they have pictures or something on their website.

So what are you waiting for, order one crazy ice cream flavour today 🙂 (if you’re in KL of course)


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