Cleansing Your Tools

21 Apr

Yes you heard it right….cleansing your face tools!

We always neglect our brushes after using them to apply our makeup, and the repercussion of that is bad skin! Think about it, when we keep using the same dirty brushes on our skin day in and day out, the bacteria accumulated will be transferred onto our skin day in and day out.

There are two types of cleansing, deep cleansing and quick cleansing. I’m a very big fan of deep cleansing just because I’m not the most efficient person. I deep cleanse my brushes at the end of every week. So, if you’re as lazy as I am 🙂 or you’re just busy with work throughout the week, you can pick your Saturday/Sunday to do this. It is tedious I know but it is very good for your face and your brushes in the long run!

1. Quick cleansing

The only product you need is a brush cleanser. My personal favourite is the MAC brush cleanser.


Since the bottle is not very user friendly in my opinion, I tend to fill a smaller spray bottle (like below) that you can easily find at any local drugstore near you. This small bottle is easy to pack for travelling too!

All you need are some dirty brushes and a small clean cloth. Spray the cleanser onto the cloth, then begin swirling the brush onto the spot that you have spray, then you will instantly see all the dirt coming off, staining the cloth. Do this repeatedly on different sides of the cloth so that you can see when the dirt is almost gone. Keep spraying more if its beginning to dry off on the cloth.

Let it dry for a few minutes and you can use it straight after! It is super quick but not a thorough cleanse. Perfect if you need to use the same brush for a different product!

2. Deep Cleansing

This may take up your time, but the best part is, you will get squeaky clean brushes (well that depends on your technique and your patience). You will need a shampoo. Yes, a shampoo, if it is gentle enough for your hair, its gentle enough for your brushes. I would recommend something like Johnson’s baby shampoo but to be honest, any mild shampoo would do (not anti-dandruff shampoo or anything for coloured hair).

First squirt some shampoo onto your palm,put a little water to foam it up later. Swirl your brush on your palm in a clockwise motion (or anti-clockwise whatever you fancy) and you will start to see the water turning brown/black/pink. Run the brush under a running water, squeeze the brush as you do it. Repeat this process, add appropriate amount of shampoo if needed until you get an almost clear water/foam as you squeeze water out of it. When you think it’s clean enough, let it to dry on a small towel.

Note: Do not let water into the ferrule part of the brush. That would be the one in between the wood handle and the bristles, as it hold the glue that binds the bristles together. That is why, from all the pictures, I specifically held my brushes in a downward motion to prevent the water getting into the ferrule.

The drying may take up a full night’s sleep. So it’s best to pick a day that you feel you wouldn’t need to rush somewhere the next morning.

Some people would do several quick cleanses throughout the week and a deep cleanse at the end of the week. I would recommend the deep cleanse if you’d prefer to do just one of it. If you take care of your brushes, you can use it for many years to come! I have had mine for many years and they are still going strong 🙂

(sorry for the background of the pictures..eekkk)


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