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19 Apr

I foresee writing a few series of this. Let me start by just saying, I’m not an expert, I did not go to beauty school or took up a course in beauty. However, I have always had a thirst for knowledge of knowing how to work a certain product or how to don on a certain item. Sometimes I like to read people’s experiences and views on the best way to do so.

So this is my version of How-To’s. It may be different to others and might not be everyone’s cup-of-tea but I hope it would at least inspire one person 🙂

How To Wear A Bright Lipstick

When I flip through magazines, I’ve always wanted to try this trend out, especially now that it is the S/S season, alot of models are rocking this trend on the runway. To be honest, this trend has been around for awhile but I think a few shades has been made popular this season. Shades like Coral, Hot Pink and Watermelon Red.

Before, when I think about bright lipsticks I think about how our mothers used to do it when we were younger and straightaway I feel that wearing one would associate me with looking old. But now, I think following a more contemporary way and keeping in mind “less is more” will make this trend oh so sexy and chic.

1. Define your lips by using a lip brush instead of wearing it straight from the lipstick

The idea of this bright lips is to create a perfect pout, so nothing is sexy about an undefined lip line! The simplest way is to find a perfect lip-liner that matches your lipstick but we all know that its so hard to find sometimes, so just invest in a small lip brush and you’re ready to go!

2. Get rid of any flakiness

Bobbi Brown mentioned a very useful info I have never known about, she said to use eye cream instead of lip balm as they absorb all the layers on your lips but does not sit on the lips like most lip balm does. We need to hydrate the lips by not adding any gloss, so the lipstick will stay on better.

3. Wear it matte

The way to go now is wearing it matte. Obviously it all boils down to personal choice. I think matte lips is more wearable in the day. If you’re more of a gloss girl, put on a clear lipgloss over your lippie to give it dimension or a nude lipgloss to tone down the colour.

4. Less is MORE

Keep all other areas of the face to a minimal, now saying that doesn’t mean zero makeup on the face. It is important not to overdo it but also to not let your face be washed out by the bright colour of your lips. I always find it useful to put on the lipstick first before starting on your blusher and your eye makeup. That way you can roughly see how much you need on your overall face after wearing that lippie. If you’re wearing a pink/raspberry/coral lipstick, just wear a good flush of any soft blush colour on the apple of the cheeks to brighten up the face. If you’re wearing a deep/cherry/watermelon red lipstick, just lightly contour your cheekbones with some bronzer. Pair that with a good coat of mascara should do the trick. It is very office friendly too.

5. Colour, colour, COLOUR

Most people stay away from bright colours because they are afraid that their skin tone doesn’t suit the colours and or if they end up picking the wrong colour and start looking like a walking clown. Well to be honest I think if you’re brave enough, you can pull off all colours. But if you’re like me (yes I’m one of those scared-to-look-like-a-clown bunch) try to stick to the basic guidelines for your skin tone. It helps me to narrow down my search when I’m buying a lipstick.For warm/medium skin tones; coral,raspberry pink, watermelon red would usually suit you. For cool/pale skin tones; hot pink and cherry red would brighten up your complexion. Lastly for darker skin tones, try brick/deep/berry red instead.

6. Bring it down a notch

This is for the beginners. Apply a good coat of your bright lipstick, then use a tissue to wipe it off gently. This will create a subtle lipstain; you’d still be wearing this trend, just not as vibrant!

7. Styling

For a cool, casual effortless look with this bright lips, slick the hair back into a bun or a high ponytail, don on your simple jeans and a tshirt with your favourite pair of heels. On a night out, wear your best red lipstick but don’t just stick to a boring black outfit, wear it with any colour outfit! Colour blocking is in! That means let your lips do this colour blocking trend with your outfits too 🙂

Something to try : Wear a red lipstick with a nude dress. Your lips will pop and it’ll be the talk of town!

These brands have an amazing range of colours for this trend,

Affordable brands : Maybelline, Revlon, Nyx(US), Natural Collection(UK)

Splurge: MAC, YSL (Rouge Volupte range especially), Chanel

p/s: bright lips will make your teeth appear whiter. It is the cheapest whitening technique yet 🙂

be BOLD today!

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