Fat Spoon = Fat us

18 Apr

Finally a more personal post, none of that review/tips posts. I thought I’ll spice things up a bit for you guys 🙂

So my friends and I decided that we would try this new and quickly becoming famous restaurant near Damansara Uptown, PJ called Fat Spoon. I heard the restaurateur is a fairly young woman. Mind you, my definition of young here is mid 20s. Don’t get any ideas a 16 yr old could open a restaurant, although I’m not diminishing anyone’s dream here. Hehe.

What’s so unique is the interior and concept they went for. The restaurant claims to serve “homemade, fresh and based on Grandma’s recipe”. And boyyyy do they deliver! The food was like a good home-cooked meal!

I shall let the pics do the talking!

It’s like she took her grandma’s house and put it into her restaurant. How incredibly quirky and different! I think unexpected decors is  usually what makes people so intrigued, hence more customers and better sales! The best part is they dont rely on their interior to attract customers, as some places do. From other reviews I’ve read, their food have been consistently good. I hope it does stay that way for a very long time! The service was superb. I noticed the owner was actively working the customers. That is always nice to see.

My gorgeous friends. The last picture was how my friend, Ja expressed how she really likes her food. Two thumbs up is always a good sign! Haha.

This is Nasi Ulam (I have no idea what you call this in English but basically its like fried rice with viands? Maybe I’m wrong so don’t quote me on this). This particular dish is an absolute favourite amongst my friends.

Of course we had desserts. I liked the red velvet cake but would have preferred with more cheese frosting!

Even the toilet had a quirky decor. As you can see from the picture, I was pretty impressed by it. I absolutely love the mirror, I was imagining painting it white and putting it in my room.

It was a good Sunday lunch! We went home feeling satisfied!For those who wants to give this restaurant a try, I’m going to give you a very useful info, it is the same row as Wondermilk! Don’t be like us, we drove around more than 10 times trying to find this place. Now you can save time and use that to eat more food instead 🙂

Have a good week!


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