The ASOS diet

15 Apr

Ok so ASOS is a pretty well-known online shop from the UK. I think most of my friends shop from there. I am a frequent shopper, and sometimes I just like browsing through their website and I’d usually start adding items to my cart and it would turn to be £xxx.xx

Even if I don’t end up buying, the activity itself would usually make my day! (adding things and just logging out in the end) It is very sad I know, but that is what I call self-control. It is very rare in my case, believe me.


I am a certified shopaholic. My mum certified this for me. Based on my overspilling wardrobe!

So a while ago I bought a deal on, it was buy £20 worth of voucher on ASOS for only £9. Pretty sweet right? So I bought ONE voucher. I thought ok £20 is quite a bit on ASOS and usually you could probably get 3 things on sale, basics and what not.

But i failed to read the small prints….yeah should’ve known, there is usually a catch!

“not valid on sale items”


It took me literally 3 DAYS to finally decide on what I wanted. Honestly I’m not even exaggerating. Mostly because every time I get started the cart would amount to £75 and above.  All those hardwork and wasted days, and all I could come up with was just two boring buys. A tshirt and a ring!

I guess everyone needs a good basic white tee. I could never seem to get a good quality white tshirt that isn’t too see-through, too clingy. I hope this will be my perfect tee. The ring just reminds me of the YSL Arty Ring which I have been obsessed about, but I don’t have the $$$ to splurge 😦

The total checkout value was £22, so minus the £20 voucher, I only spent £2 extra!! Pats on the back 🙂

The best part is, ASOS is having this promotion where the shipping is FREE worldwide! I have no idea how long this offer will stay on for but I think anyone who is interested should purchase soon! Plus they are having a Mid Season Sale right now! I’m so jealous, they started the sale a day after I’ve purchase! I guess I couldn’t have used the voucher on sale items anyway.

Cant wait to rock my new ring…and the tshirt i guess?  mehh. Haha.

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One Response to “The ASOS diet”

  1. christine January 8, 2012 at 5:07 am #

    Do you have a link to model pics of the arty lookalike? I am on the fence about the arty, especially for the price. Here’s my logic. DO you agree? Would love your thoughts.

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